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Let Your Sofa do the Speaking – Affordable Flats in North Kolkata

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Premium flats in North Kolkata with large living rooms are quite a trend now. StarOm Millenia located near the Baranagar Metro Station at Dunlop is fast coming up with such 2 & 3 bed flat in B.T. Road. Modernise your apartments by indulging in state-of-the-art sofas to make your seating room look exclusive. Add pulse to your space with extravagant sofas ranging from multi-seaters to single-seaters with versatile eye-catching designs. Here are some fabulous ideas to brighten your living room brought to you by StarOm Millenia.   Floral Extravaganza Deck up your 2 & 3 bed flat in B.T. Road with some refreshing floral prints. Indulge in a premium sofa set with floral prints, as florals never go out of trend. You can choose from a wide variety of options – large or small, multi-coloured or single-coloured to complement your living room. This will make your space look and feel brighter than before. Intense and Deep If you want to create an intense look in your apartment then opt for sofas with velvet furnishing. It might look heavy on the eye, but it is sure to make you feel mesmerised by giving a new dimension to your space. Dark shades…

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What’s the Right Age to Buy a Home?

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A popular belief among people in India, as well as, abroad is that property investment is only ideal for individuals with established or upcoming careers. However, the question is – is this true? To find out an answer to this, it is important to ascertain how banks and other financial institutions view investors who no longer fall in that age bracket. Also, can one really become too old to put his or her money into property? Is there any restriction as to when a person can purchase a property? Of course, it is a matter of fact that financial institutions readily lend an individual only for so long; and when a potential borrower is nearing his or her retirement, the entire concept of providing them with a long-term loan does not really make any sense. Keep reading to get more insight of the topic. Eligibility for getting a home loan On an average, an individual in his or her early thirties will have approximately thirty years of professional life left. Therefore, this will automatically give them a lot of time to build a sizeable property portfolio. When a person is in his or her forties, they can also create an…

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Best Residential Project in North Kolkata near Baranagar Metro

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With changing economic times, Kolkata is also pacing up into this modern era, leaving behind the post-colonial strings attached to it. There has been an exponential growth of residential projects in North Kolkata over the past decade. Progressive state-of-the-art apartments are coming up in the City Of Joy and StarOm Millenia is one of the best upcoming residential complexes. Located on B.T. Road, North Kolkata, this project enjoys the perks of well-connected transport system across the other parts of the city. StarOm Millenia – 2 minutes away from Baranagar Metro In today’s hustle and bustle city life, everyone tries to avoid the traffic to save some time. Staying in a prime location from where you can access your daily commutes, is what everyone looks out for before investing in a property. To ease your life and make your travel hassle-free, StarOm Millenia has all the coign of vantage of a good location. The upcoming Baranagar Metro railway station is just a 2 mins walk from here. Connecting Noapara to Dakhineshwar, this metro station is at a crucial junction as it will take off the pressure load from the roads passing along B.T. Road and the nearby suburban railway. The development…

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2 & 3 bed flat in B.T. Road

Benefits of Buying a Home in Your Wife’s Name

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Your wife is your better half or some might say soulmate. This Bengali New Year, or colloquially known as ‘Poila Baishakh’, have you thought of gifting her anything? Well, how about gifting her a home? In India, several states are offering numerous benefits to women property buyers in an attempt to boost women empowerment. Kolkata is no different. Women enjoy a lot of perks in the City of Joy and if you were to register your home in your wife’s name, you can be assured of enjoying a lot of financial advantages.Buy exclusive residential apartments for your wife and let her turn it into your dream home. Irrespective of whether you are purchasing your new home solely in the name of your wife or as a joint owner, you can look forward to a number of scopes offered by both banks and government. Here, take a look at some of the lucrative benefits of buying a home in your wife’s name. Deduction on stamp duty charges Partial waiver on stamp duty charges can be enjoyed by buyers who are registering their home in the name of their wife – either as a joint owner or a sole owner. You can…

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Soundproof Home

How to Soundproof Your Home?

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A peaceful home results in a happy home, right? While for some that easily refers to choosing the lighting, furniture and home fabrics based on their individualized comfort levels, what it actually means is soundproofing – something that is so easily overlooked! Nothing can make you more frustrated than having to listen to your noisy neighbors or the honking of cars day in and out. But, if investing in soundproofing equipment seems too expensive, you can make certain décor choices to absorb the excess noise. Take a look below for helpful ideas. # Carpet your floors If you have uncovered floors, footsteps are going to echo very loudly. In order to stop the foot traffic from becoming a source of annoyance, you can carpet your floors. However if the idea of carpeting your floors does not appeal to you, you can get few rugs to do the trick. # Weather-strip all the windows in your apartment In most cases you will find that your windows are not fully capable of blocking out the outside noise. This is because windows usually come with gaps and cracks. What you can do about it is weather-strip it or fill in those gaps using…

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2 bedroom apartments in B.T. Road

Best Selling Homes in North Kolkata 2017

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Kolkata (Calcutta) was the capital of British India and kept the English hooked to its beauty for a very long time. But, that was 1772 to 1911. The city has gone through several ups and downs, and has also been regarded as mediocre in comparison to the other metropolitan cities, such as Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. However, Kolkata is a city that has not learnt to give up. Today, if you look around you, you can visualize the transformation of the city. From a quiet place where tourists would only come to relax, the city is emerging as one of the most happening party spots while maintaining its tranquil nature. The city is also home to some of the biggest and best-selling residential properties. Every other property developer is interested in a piece of this fantastic city. But, among all of those residential projects that have made headlines in 2017, there is one that stands out – StarOm Millennia. StarOm Millennia by the StarOm Realty group of property developers does not stand out because of its number of towers or even the location, but because of its ability to seamlessly integrate luxury into affordability. There is absolutely nothing about this…

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Bedroom Makeover Tips 2018

Bedroom Makeover Tips: Freshen Up Your Safe Haven

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Bedroom is privy to your innermost desires and fears. It is where you can laugh and weep without any inhibitions. Since this room plays such a special role in your life, it deserves a special treatment. So, spruce up your bedroom with the following low-cost makeover tips. Bring Some Color to Your Bedroom Neutral is outdated and entering 2018, you must embrace the different shades of color that life has to offer. Do not be scared of showcasing your flamboyant personality. However, you can keep shades of neutral in the form of furniture while adding burst of vibrant hues in the form of artwork, accents and wall color. Integrate Varied Textures for More Comfort The texture of a bedroom plays a huge role in increasing or decreasing the comfort of a room. You can alter the texture of your bedroom easily by changing linens – cotton throw in summer and furry throw in winter. You can also bring hand-tufted rugs, polished wood, embroidered fabrics and such other things into the décor of your bedroom. Draw Attention to Your Beautiful Bed with Accent Pillows The personality of your bedroom can be altered quickly with the addition of accent pillows. They can…

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New Luxury Apartment In BT Road

Live Larger Than Life – A Brand New Luxury Apartment in BT Road, Kolkata

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Kolkata is no longer the old city as we knew it. Its fast changing contour has rendered it the look of a power polis which it long deserved to be. Both north and south Kolkata are turning a new leaf every day to be at par with its pan Indian counterparts. Panihati is a historical area by the Ganges falling under greater Kolkata. The BT Road or the Barrackpore Trunk Road passes by the locality which is the happening spot where one of the top developers in Kolkata, StarOm Realty, has come up with a residential estate which is an urban dream come true. It is the StarOm Millenia.   This Housing complex in North Kolkata is a located most conveniently. It is – 500 to 700 meters away from both Dunlop and Rathtala crossing 9 kilometers from Ariadaha ferry Flanked by the Dum Dum and Shyambazar metro stations Closest to Belgharia railway station Near to Central Modern School, Khalsa Model School, Adamas International School, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) and Sagar Dutta Medical College & Hospital.   The best residential complex in North Kolkata StarOm Millenia’s salient features are as follows, 2 towered apartment with 2BHK and 3BHK flats. 856…

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Luxurious Lifestyle

Enjoying a Luxurious Lifestyle is Now Affordable – StarOm Millenia

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Kolkata’s boom in the development of high-end apartments is actually helping the city’s affordability. One such promising and ongoing residential project is StarOm Millenia. It is one of the most popular residential projects located in B.T. Road, North Kolkata and is quickly becoming a hot-spot for the who’s who of the city. Enjoy Unparalleled Connectivity Launched in 2016, the high-rise building is conveniently located so that you can have easy access to transportation. With the work of the proposed metro happening in full swing, it will not be long before you can reach your workplace, within a few minutes. Also, weekend getaway places like Dakkhineshwar and Shantiniketan can be reached easily and quickly. A Unique Blend of Convenience and Community The swanky apartments are specifically designed to surround its occupants with every conceivable luxurious indulgence. Among the numerous lifestyle facilities offered are swimming pool, state-of-the-art gymnasium, badminton court, safe play area for kids, spacious community hall for hosting parties and social functions and a breathtaking garden. A Safe Living Environment for Everyone Irrespective of your gender and age, living in StarOm Millenia will make you feel completely safe and secured. The posh residence is under CCTV surveillance, all day and…

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The StarOm Millennia Project Makes Traveling to Shantiniketan Easy

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The luxurious StarOm Millenia residential project located in B.T road boasts of excellent connectivity. Shantiniketan is 2.5 hours away, via the NH19, from this fabulous high-rise building. Living here, not only gives you a chance to make frequent weekend getaways and road trips, but also offers you with amazing living facilities and amenities. This residential project consists of 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats that are excellently decorated and the structure is fully earthquake-proof. You can expect fully air-conditioned gymnasium, game room and community hall, swimming pool, badminton court, and more. Additionally, you can look forward to free Wi-Fi, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, car parking facility, and more. Shantiniketan – A breathtaking weekend getaway destination When you feel too tired with the hustle and bustle of city life, pack your bags and head to Shantiniketan, a small town situated near Bolpur in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. This town is approximately 160 kms north of Kolkata and made famous by Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. It is popular as a university town with the presence of Visva-Bharti University, which is unique for its refreshing twist on the style of imparting education – the students study outside in the open, listening to…

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