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What are the Activities at StarOm Millenia?

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StarOm Millenia is a deluxe G+12 high-rise residential project located in B.T. Road, North Kolkata. The close proximity to the Dum Dum metro and airport makes this project a particularly desirable one. The property developers have paid special emphasis on the design and architecture of the building, along with space requirements that cater to the requirements of varied customers. With this residential project, StarOm Realty hopes to create a haven where people return to relax and rejuvenate after a hard day’s work. They not only offer lavishly decorated and commodious 2 and 3 BHK flats, but the flats come with fabulous amenities and facilities, such as security, parking space, landscaped garden, banquet hall and so on. That’s not all. You also get to enjoy wonderful activities – either by yourself or with your entire family. Take a look below. Swimming: For most part of the year, Kolkata stays quite hot and humid. So, you will find ample reasons to take a dip in the pool. This is one activity that you will thoroughly enjoy alone or along with your family. This is also a good exercise to stay fit and a fantastic way to bond with your children, if you…

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2 bedroom apartments in B.T. Road

Best Selling Homes in North Kolkata 2017

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Kolkata (Calcutta) was the capital of British India and kept the English hooked to its beauty for a very long time. But, that was 1772 to 1911. The city has gone through several ups and downs, and has also been regarded as mediocre in comparison to the other metropolitan cities, such as Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. However, Kolkata is a city that has not learnt to give up. Today, if you look around you, you can visualize the transformation of the city. From a quiet place where tourists would only come to relax, the city is emerging as one of the most happening party spots while maintaining its tranquil nature. The city is also home to some of the biggest and best-selling residential properties. Every other property developer is interested in a piece of this fantastic city. But, among all of those residential projects that have made headlines in 2017, there is one that stands out – StarOm Millennia. StarOm Millennia by the StarOm Realty group of property developers does not stand out because of its number of towers or even the location, but because of its ability to seamlessly integrate luxury into affordability. There is absolutely nothing about this…

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Bedroom Makeover Tips 2018

Bedroom Makeover Tips: Freshen Up Your Safe Haven

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Bedroom is privy to your innermost desires and fears. It is where you can laugh and weep without any inhibitions. Since this room plays such a special role in your life, it deserves a special treatment. So, spruce up your bedroom with the following low-cost makeover tips. Bring Some Color to Your Bedroom Neutral is outdated and entering 2018, you must embrace the different shades of color that life has to offer. Do not be scared of showcasing your flamboyant personality. However, you can keep shades of neutral in the form of furniture while adding burst of vibrant hues in the form of artwork, accents and wall color. Integrate Varied Textures for More Comfort The texture of a bedroom plays a huge role in increasing or decreasing the comfort of a room. You can alter the texture of your bedroom easily by changing linens – cotton throw in summer and furry throw in winter. You can also bring hand-tufted rugs, polished wood, embroidered fabrics and such other things into the décor of your bedroom. Draw Attention to Your Beautiful Bed with Accent Pillows The personality of your bedroom can be altered quickly with the addition of accent pillows. They can…

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2 BHK Flats in B.T Road, North Kolkata

2018 Interior Design Trends: What to Look Out For?

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2017 is at its fag end and with that, it is again that time of the year when you have to bid adieu to everything old and embrace the new. So, 2018 is going to be nothing different and if you were thinking of renovating your home or buying a new place for yourself, here are the textures, colors and design trends that are predicted to cook up a storm in the interior designing world. Millennial Pink Will be the Hottest Color Millennial pink originally became popular as a color that defined an entire generation. Even though the trend started back in 2016, it refused to die down. Stalwarts of the interior design industry believe that this color is going to stick around another season. So, if you haven’t got around painting the walls of your house pink, now is a good time as any. Earthen Luxury Will Make an Entry into Modern Interiors Modern life can be really hectic. Wouldn’t you agree? It is this super stressful life and more-than-necessary reliance on technology that is making people yearn to reconnect with nature. This inclination towards leading a simple life will become reflective in the style and design of homes…

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2 and 3 BHK lavish flats

Why investing in StarOm Millenia is the safest bet?

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Kolkata is one of the metropolitan cities that have experienced rapid growth in the recent times. As a result, the real estate projects have come to be at par with the global standards. The increase in FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) is one of the main reasons for this increment. Builders are eager to invest in the city due to the sheer number of successful real estate projects and the great connectivity that the entire city enjoys through all mediums. StarOm Millenia is one of the successful residential projects attracting a lot of investors as it is offering 2 and 3 BHK lavish flats at pocket-friendly rates. Transportation is not something to worry about When investing in StarOm Millenia, you do not have to worry about transport. Kolkata has dramatically improved the communication networking so that everyone can think of investing in properties without having to fret about the traveling horrors. When compared to the rest of the world, the city of joy has the cheapest and most variety of transportation options. StarOm Millenia is situated in BT Road and it is connected with the rest of the city, via diverse transportation network. The Dum Dum and Shyambazar metro station is…

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2 and 3 bhk flat in B.T. Road, North Kolkata

StarOm Millenia – Most affordable yet luxurious residential project in BT Road

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In social and civic structures, Kolkata is showing a rapid growth at the moment. From an investment point of view, the city of joy is a wonderful choice. Also, if you are looking for a new home for your family and yourself, this city will certainly not disappoint you. Are you looking for luxurious properties within your budget? StarOm Millenia is definitely worth considering. This property is the brainchild of the StarOm Realty group and they have left no stones unturned to truly lend this residential project a sophisticated and modern-age look. The property is a G+12 high rise project offering 2/3 BHK apartments set amidst lush green, landscaped garden. Living here, you would be able to breathe in pure and fresh air. The additional benefits that you will get are given below: State-of-the art gymnasium equipped with all the equipment that you need to work out and stay in shape. A gym with experience trainers will definitely motivate you to stay fit and healthy! Air-conditioned banquet hall where you can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and all other kinds of occasions and festivals. AC indoor games room where kids, as well as, adults can enjoy playing games all year round, irrespective…

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3bhk apartment in B.T. Road

Are you looking for a luxurious flat in north kolkata

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Over the past couple of years, the real estate market of north Kolkata has been bustling with a lot of activity. More and more people are showing a lot of interest in settling down in this part of the city that showcases so much of history, culture and tradition. North Kolkata has also risen to the occasion and modernized itself to give tough competition to its south counterpart! There has been a massive proliferation of residential projects in north Kolkata and the breaking up of joint families to nuclear families can be one of the main reasons for it. Another reason can be the exorbitant upkeep of old houses, which is why owners are gladly handing over their property to trusted real estate developers in Kolkata. Irrespective of the reason, it is wonderful news for those looking for a luxurious flat to move in. Apart from all the residential projects in north Kolkata, one that definitely stands out is StarOm Millenia by the StarOm Realty group of property developers. This property is one of the best in north Kolkata due to its combination of affordability with luxuriousness. Here, interested buyers can buy 2 and 3 BHK flats at economical rates…

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2 BHK flats in BT Road

Are you looking for 2 BHK flats in North Kolkata?

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North Kolkata is undoubtedly a great place to stay. This part of the city exudes rich culture and tradition with a twist of modernity. It is only in north Kolkata where you will find palatial, regal houses juxtaposing tall skyscrapers. If you are on the lookout for a 2 BHK apartment in this side, you might want to check out the latest residential development by the StarOm Realty group of property developers, called StarOm Millenia. StarOm Millenia has a location advantage as it is situated on the lifeline of north Kolkata, which is BT Road. The developers have strategically chosen this particular place for their new-age residential flats because of the close proximity of BT Road to Rathtala and Dunlop crossings. Moreover, the Ariadaha ferry is also close by and not to forget, you will also have quick access to Shyambazar and Dum Dum metro stations. So, running late to office or dropping your kids off to their school will no longer be a problem with the availability of so many diverse transportation options! Wondering about the apartments? The developers have promised to make StarOm Millenia the quintessential place to reside in north Kolkata! You will find spacious and lavish…

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5 Plants That Keep Air Clean

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All plants help us to live and remove pollutants from the air. But some plants act as efficient purifier more than the others. Check out those 5 plants below. 1. ‘Bostoniensis’/Boston Fern Boston Fern has curved feather-like leaves. It can be planted in hanging baskets and requires constant moisture and humidity. It removes formaldehyde, xylene and mercury, and arsenic from soil. It is a highly efficient natural air purifier. 2. Snake Plant Snake plant has hard and sharp leaves that require low light with dry conditions. Unlike other plants, it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Due to this process, it boosts sleep at night. It helps in lowering carbon-dioxide and removes formaldehyde and xylene. 3. Money Plant Money plant has dark green leaves with golden strips and has an element of glimmer. It looks good at home or office as it can be planted in small and medium-sized pots. It grows fast and clings itself to a  support to climb up while growing. It removes formaldehyde and benzene. 4. Broadleaf Lady Palm Broadleaf Lady Palm is a tree-like type of plant which is easy to grow. It has a fan like patterned leaves that looks quite charming inside a room….

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Best Residential Projects In North Kolkata

Best Residential Projects In North Kolkata

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North Kolkata has been the seat of Bengal’s aristocracy. The city of Kolkata started growing from the banks of Ganges to later spread across areas which are known today as Bagbazar, Ahiritola, Sutanuti and Shyambazar among other areas. A favorite place for the feudal lords and also witness to social development, North Kolkata is today the gold mine for history enthusiasts and construction companies alike. Real estate has been on a rise for a long time in North Kolkata. Flats in North Kolkata have been in demand ever since the joint families started breaking up. Palatial estates started getting deserted with time and thus a sea of opportunities opened in front of real estate developers to turn them into housing estates targeting a population of modern day home seekers who wanted to be happy in nuclear families staying close to their roots. Much scope was there in terms of the disputed property also, all of which together changed the class and character of North Kolkata from a hub of the landed gentry to a happening hometown of different socio-economic groups comprised of entrepreneurs and office goers alike. Hence the proliferation of residential projects in North Kolkata. StarOm Millenia is one…

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