2018 Interior Design Trends: What to Look Out For?

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2017 is at its fag end and with that, it is again that time of the year when you have to bid adieu to everything old and embrace the new. So, 2018 is going to be nothing different and if you were thinking of renovating your home or buying a new place for yourself, here are the textures, colors and design trends that are predicted to cook up a storm in the interior designing world.

Millennial Pink Will be the Hottest Color

Millennial pink originally became popular as a color that defined an entire generation. Even though the trend started back in 2016, it refused to die down. Stalwarts of the interior design industry believe that this color is going to stick around another season. So, if you haven’t got around painting the walls of your house pink, now is a good time as any.

Earthen Luxury Will Make an Entry into Modern Interiors

Modern life can be really hectic. Wouldn’t you agree? It is this super stressful life and more-than-necessary reliance on technology that is making people yearn to reconnect with nature. This inclination towards leading a simple life will become reflective in the style and design of homes in 2018. Traditional handcrafts and organic materials are going to gain prominence.

Furniture and Accessories Featuring Minimalist Design Will Gather Momentum

Simplicity and minimalist design is the new trend in furniture and accessories. Clean, geometric and elegant shapes and designs will be dominating modern homes. You might see metal furniture being used a lot to create a retro-modern appeal, along with increasing the durability of home furnishing.

Frugality Will Dominate the Interior Design Trends

Making clever use of the available space, recycling household items to incorporate into home decorating and blending of textures will be some of the biggest trends to look forward to. Unconventional, unique and quirky designs will mark the pages of design magazines and personalization will be key.

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About StarOm Millenia

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