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2 and 3 BHK flats

Limited Closet Space? Tips to Manage Your Wardrobe

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A walk-in closet space might be a dream for many, but only few are that lucky. In a city like Kolkata where there is constant bickering for space to build residential building to provide a roof over the heads of more than 5.2 million people, hoping for a massive closet is only wishful thinking. Since you would rather have your bedroom, living room and dining room the way it is and not turned into extended closets, here are few very simple and popular ways to keep your clothes organized and happy. Hanging Clothes: Few Clever Ways to Do So To double your hanging space, you can install a second closet rod above the primary one. Get good quality hangars because otherwise you can’t hang the clothes, right? You can also check out cascading hooks because they simply work brilliantly with any hangar. Folded Clothes: Know How the Masters Fold It! You must fold all your knit items in order to avoid hanger bumps. So, basically all your sweaters, t-shirts and most blouses need to be folded neatly. If you have deep shelves, fold your clothes appropriate and stack them. If there is space behind the folded clothes, keep all of…

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Flats in B.T. Road

B.T. Road – The Next Urban Residential Destination!

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Are you someone who simply refuses to acknowledge the growing prowess of West Bengal, especially Kolkata? Well, here are some truly jolting information for you. Over the recent years, Kolkata witnessed some noticeable development in the real estate sector. Even demonetization could not deter real estate groups in Kolkata! If you look around you, you will notice residential projects in full swing. However, owing to the plan of the city, there are obviously space crunch within the main city of Kolkata. This space constraint led to the emergence of the once peripheral areas or suburbs of the city as major residential hubs. One of these suburbs that has emerged as the ‘next gen city’ and looks extremely promising is B.T. Road. Expansive Public Transport Network Connects B.T. Road to the Main City The rapid growth and development of the public transportation network can be considered as a primary reason why B.T.Road in North Kolkata has been able to come in the forefront as such a thriving and flourishing part of the city. Thanks to the close proximity of the Dum Dum metro and several railway stations including Dum Dum, Bidhan Nagar and Belgharia, traveling from this suburban area to the…

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residential apartment in Kolkata

Apartment Vs Independent House

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So, you have made up your mind about buying a home? Now, the next question on your mind would be – an independent house or residential apartment? The choice is definitely not an easy one, especially because everybody wants to own a house of their own. But, before you make your decision, take a look at the awesome benefits offered by residential apartments. # Apartments come with all the mod cons If you are thinking about getting your independent home, you have to know that just by investing in land will not be enough. You will have to construct the house and also spend extra on decorating and furnishing your crib. This not only takes a lot of money, but time,effort & expertise. Unless you have all four, it is best to purchase a residential apartment that already comes furnished with all the things that you need for calling it your home. Moreover, they also come with modern amenities, such as security, water systems, power back-up, fire safety mechanisms and so on. # Maintenance costs of flats are divided An independent house needs constant attention and efforts for cleanliness, maintenance, repair & construction. So does a residential apartment, but the…

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Soundproof Home

How to Soundproof Your Home?

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A peaceful home results in a happy home, right? While for some that easily refers to choosing the lighting, furniture and home fabrics based on their individualized comfort levels, what it actually means is soundproofing – something that is so easily overlooked! Nothing can make you more frustrated than having to listen to your noisy neighbors or the honking of cars day in and out. But, if investing in soundproofing equipment seems too expensive, you can make certain décor choices to absorb the excess noise. Take a look below for helpful ideas. # Carpet your floors If you have uncovered floors, footsteps are going to echo very loudly. In order to stop the foot traffic from becoming a source of annoyance, you can carpet your floors. However if the idea of carpeting your floors does not appeal to you, you can get few rugs to do the trick. # Weather-strip all the windows in your apartment In most cases you will find that your windows are not fully capable of blocking out the outside noise. This is because windows usually come with gaps and cracks. What you can do about it is weather-strip it or fill in those gaps using…

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