False Assumptions about Apartment Dwelling

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It’s important to keep one thing in mind that in most of the metropolitan cities in India, the predominance of apartment-dwelling has witnessed a new hike altogether. There are manifold reasons i.e. space crunch, facilities offered by flats, etc., why most of the metro-citizens are increasingly going bonkers over apartment-dwelling. But, despite such soaring popularity, a legion of citizens is still found to be feeding on a lot of misconceptions about residing in an apartment. Are you too holding back from giving the best residential projects in Kolkata a shot due to certain myths? They must be dispelled at the earliest! But, before taking a stand, you must know the most popular myths about apartment dwelling. Here they are – Apartments are ‘Un-Social’ – Among those gazillions of myths that people have about luxury apartments in Kolkata, the most disturbingly grotesque is this one. Most of the residents assume that apartments are away too straight-faced and those who dwell in flats tend to live a very reclusive life. It’s true that most of the apartment-residents live in a nuclear family set-up, but that does not mean they are supposed to cut ties from the world! These days, most of the…

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