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North Kolkata

Why is North Kolkata becoming an Ideal Location for contemporary living?

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North Kolkata is often regarded as the old Calcutta. The neighborhoods are packed with British-era buildings and houses. People living there are still in the nostalgia mood and describes the incidents that took place 50-60 years back. Today, along with south Kolkata, the north is developing in the realm of real-estate. With high-rise shaping the neighborhood, the scenarios are changing today. Properties in north Kolkata are spanning from Dum Dum to Baranagar, making contemporary living possible in these areas. Along with that, New Town has also emerged to be one of the biggest IT belts in the state. The same neighborhood has observed an immense change along with growth in the last 5 years. The township comprises residential flats, corporate offices, malls, hospitals, hotels and so on. The future of North Kolkata is not bleak anymore. Coming to B.T Road and Baranagar areas, these two localities have leaped it seems. From the time Metro construction has started, the areas have not ceased to witness high-rise projects in North Kolkata. The region is increasingly becoming futuristic and modern. Let us recognize what factors make it an archetypical contemporary living area. Easy Connectivity and Transportation With the Baranagar metro, the ease of…

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