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Best Residential Project in Kolkata


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When going through the home-building process, planning the overall flooring of the house is a major consideration. This is because it can set the tone of the room, instil personality and be a talking point, while all the time providing comfort underfoot. Therefore while planning the floor the colour palette, texture, pattern, innovative designs and quality are the few points that should no how be overlooked. But it is very important that before you start your flooring project, you must do a little research on different kind of floorings and learn about their costs and benefits. Accordingly you can set up and style your floor which fits both your budget and space. The Best Residential Project in Kolkata has brought for you some tips to choose the right flooring that will make your apartment look fabulous and last for long. 1. Continuity between Indoor and Outdoor The role of flooring is much more than just making your home look beautiful. Ensuring continuity between your indoor and garden or balcony of your apartment can make your room look more spacious. You can use decking outside and wooden boards inside and make them point towards the same direction. If you are having…

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