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5 Tips to Make Home Look Bigger

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During the Coronavirus pandemic, companies have adopted a new way of working which is working from home. This change in working style and location will allow you to spend more time with your loves at home. Children are also attending their classes online. As a homeowner, there must be instances when you found yourself wishing for a bigger house. To make your dream a reality you can start your search online for a new flat and you will find many options available in the market which will suit your budget. You can search for the best residential projects in Kolkata or new residential projects in Kolkata and explore new options for living in a bigger apartment. If you have budget constrain and you cannot buy a bigger house than no need to be upset. There are various clever ways available which make your home look more spacious and bright than it really is. These tips and tricks are pocket friendly and can be done easily without any structural changes in your home. 1. Create magic with mirrors Adding a mirror to a room can be one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to create a greater sense of openness. Try…

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