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Top 6 Tips for a Light and Airy Bedroom with Indoor Planting Ideas

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A bedroom always needs to be a welcoming and a restful place. It is a private paradise to which everyone should always cater. Even though world of travel reckons the moment you reach home and climb into your own bed, there is just something beautiful. The new residential projects in North Kolkata are catering to people’s demand for a lavish, big and airy bedroom. You can have a feather on your cap by trying out these super easy tips that will help you to dwell into your dream and cosy bedroom. Follow the trend of bright walls – If you are purchasing new flats in North Kolkata white walls are a timeless standard that will never go out of fashion and stay evergreen forever. They are clean, plain, beautiful, and they serve as the ideal canvas without losing your other decor. White walls radiate natural light from the outside as well. All of that said, white isn’t your only choice of paint for a bright, exotic room. Icy blues, minty greens and other subdued, neutral colours of nature will create a bright room. If you prefer walls other than white, you need to leave your furniture mute and neutral to match the…

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