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Everything to Know About Bengali Home Decor

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Home design inspired by a certain area, similar to theme furniture, may provide any home space with a well-defined, and personalized design. This environment speaks of the history, way of life, and art of that particular place. You may have seen beautiful woodwork, textiles, and antiques in some Bengali homes and may have thought of incorporating these features to your home as well. If you are a Bengali artist and antique enthusiast, give your interior space of your flat in North Kolkata a touch of Bengali glitter and dazzle by adding the following decorative facets. Furniture made from wood- Most of Bengali’s interiors is lavishly furnished with bulky wooden furniture. Wood, usually dark-polished, is used to build tables, sofa beds, benches, walls, cabinets, columns, beds and sofas in the internal and half-open areas, such as the veranda or the courtyard of the house. While many Bengali homes have wooden furniture made of rosewood and teak, you can use the wood that is native to your area. Art of Bengali- The innovative art movement that flourished in the British Raj in the early years of the 20th century had an influence on many artists and enabled them to express themselves openly….

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