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3 Amazing Ideas To Lit Up Your Balcony Space

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Owning a private balcony in a residential complex in North Kolkata is a joy and indeed a privilege beyond comparison. It is its own space that allows you a sense of serenity & peace close to Mother Nature & utmost bliss. There are chances that you might feel overwhelmed to meet your expectation of sprucing up the balcony. Here in this article, we will discuss some splendid ideas & inspiration to decorate the balcony of your apartment in B.T. Road. Read it on & learn more. 1. Transform the open balcony into the green canvas– A dash of greenery anywhere, especially in your private space makes you feel you are immersed in the lap of nature. Add climbers along with ferns, vines, flowers and a lot more to craft your garden on your terrace. You can reverse some amount of space for a petite coffee table and add a couple of chairs and floor pillows that were thrown in. It is to be noted that colourful poles, pots and trimmings can be placed in the corners of your terrace to create a magical appeal. 2. Minimalistic appeal and enhance the aesthetic appeal– Subtle style & minimalistic ornamentation works well. A…

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