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Housing Trends That a Buyer Should Consider Before Buying an Apartment Post Pandemic

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Unprecedented times, unprecedented impact on every walk of life. From daily lifestyle to our mode of working, everything has changed drastically. Post-COVID, a new realization has set in that in the present times that home is actually the safest place on earth. Hence, the new buyers aim to look forward to spaces that serve several purposes, including a workspace, an entertainment room, a gym, and whatnot, most importantly spacious, like the project on B T Road North Kolkata. Here are some requirements from the new buyers, who are looking for and can achieve in projects in B.T. Road. Whether it is a 3 BHK flat in B.T. Road or a 2 BHK flat in B.T. Road, these are the things that you need to expect post-COVID: Open space layout  As we are confined in our homes for quite a long time, we all crave an open space. The residential complex in north Kolkata aims to serve a well-planned layout that has maximized open areas such as balconies and terraces. An ample amount of natural lights and letting in fresh air has to be a part of the project whether it is 2 bedroom apartments in B.T. Road or a 3 BHK flat in North Kolkata Housing amenities post-COVID  A buyer…

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