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apartment in B. T. Road

Buy or Rent an apartment? What Should you do Post-Pandemic?

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Renting apartments have increased since the post-pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has set off reductions throughout the leading rental markets in India. Since the pandemic, the investors and purchasers who have spent on fixed assets, expecting attractive returns, got very much frustrated at the present times. Thus, many people are moving towards rent as they think that times are not good for investment, so they are not getting involved in buying properties. Apart from all these, there are several other reasons behind buying an apartment or a residential complex in North Kolkata or anywhere else in Kolkata. Reason to buy properties Well, even post-pandemic property buying will be the trend in Kolkata because of the following reasons: Big Names Offering Projects At An Affordable Rate:  Big names such as StarOm Millenia offering projects in North Kolkata at a rate that an upper-middle family can easily afford. Since nowadays, the home loan interest rates are also in the favor of the middle-class, people can comfortably buy an apartment in Kolkata. It would mean owning a house in Kolkata. There is a chance of price escalation. Areas such as Rajarhat, New Town, and B. T. Road are developing sites. In the next five to ten years, they…

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