2 BHK apartment

Home Decor Ideas for your 2 BHK apartment at a Budget-Friendly Price

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A 2 BHK flat is mainly meant for a small family, but you can make it look spacious and lavish with a proper choice of decor. The top residential complex in North Kolkata offers well-lit rooms. Therefore, while planning the decor, you cannot block the windows and enjoy the sunlight lingering inside the rooms. Considering the position of your rooms and your choice of colors, you may plan a gorgeous set of room decor within a pocket-friendly budget. Here a few tips that can help you in choosing your decor – 1.  Simple and cozy bedrooms After a whole long day, bedrooms feel inviting, and you may crave the comfort of a cozy and soothing setup. It will help you to fall asleep as soon as you get on your bed. Well, decorating your bedroom is not difficult. You can choose a bright room scheme for your bedroom, which radiates a serene aura. Your bedsheet, curtains, and pillows can be of a light color. You may choose a slightly dark color for the rugs and blinds of the rooms. You can add abstract paintings and dreamcatchers as accessories for your room. 2. Balcony Garden If you have flats in BT…

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