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Ideas To Give Your 2 BHK Flat That Earthy Organic Look

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Pottery is an artistic way to give a special touch to the home decors. A classy and elegant art form having robust and opulent tradition in India, pottery and ceramic can increase the life quotient of any particular dwelling place. It is available in varied shapes and sizes. Pottery can be one of the most sought after decor accessories if you are buying flat near Dunlop metro. If you are a pottery lover and want to make it part of your home here you are supposed to get a few ideas. Plants and flowers in an earthen pot– A great way to add colour and design through pottery is by putting plants or some flowers in an earthen pot in the garden to make the space look vibrant and chromatic. Make sure that the pots you are using are deep and wide enough to let the plant grow. Let the coffee table at a property in North Kolkata get a stylish feel by keeping a clay pot in the centre of the table. You can also use a lot of colours to coordinate the vase with the living room furniture for an aesthetic appeal. Colour combination is very essential– Synchronization…

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