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Decorate Your Reading Room with These Tips

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Extravagant interior designing and decorating homes is what all of us dream of, so when you buy the best new flat in North Kolkata, decorate the way you want it with some good design tips. However, when decorating a new home, we only focus on our living room and bedrooms and do not give much attention to the additional ones. So here are some tips that you can execute for decorating your reading room so that it also feels equally welcoming and aesthetic as the rest of the rooms of your new flat in North Kolkata. BT road projects by Starom Millenia come with spacious rooms for all your requirements that you can deck up according to your preference, including a reading room as well. Decorate Your Reading Room Smoothly Play with the layout if the aesthetic of standard bookshelves doesn’t appeal to you. Mix and match between vertical and horizontal placements or arrange your books in a group of three. Add some decorative bits here and there until you find a look you like. Why over-style when the books are the focal point of any aesthetic reading room? Make an area where you can show off your collection. Choose…

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Tips to Hang the Perfect Curtains per your Window Designs

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In your 3 BHK flat in BT road, you must go for curtains that suit the designs of your windows. If you have bought a high-rise apartment in Kolkata, you must be well aware of the necessity of curtains. At first, you must measure your windows’ breadth and width to hang appropriate curtains. The measurement of the curtain panels must be two times the width of the windows. Curtains help prevent the entry of direct harmful rays of Sun in your 3 bhk flat in BT road. Moreover, your room has the correct amount of sunlight. Select the Proper Curtain Length It does not look good if the curtain is smaller than the size of the windows. Moreover, the ceilings look lower and the room smaller if the curtain is smaller in size. In your 3 BHK flat in BT road, don’t worry much if the curtain trails on the floor. It does not seem presentable. So, in your high-rise apartment in Kolkata, the curtain must float just above the floor. You must measure the curtain length should be 4 to 6 inches above the window frame. Curtains come in generally 63-, 84- and 96-inches length. Decide the Height of…

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Neutral Color Palette is Just What Your Home Needs for a Sophisticated Look

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Neutrals are seldom attention-worthy. They’re rarely the “primary event,” though instead, they’re overshadowed frequently by fashionable statement colors or traditional color combinations. But what if you could come up with a color scheme for your 3-bhk flat in north Kolkata that consisted entirely of neutrals? And, even better, what if it wasn’t at all boring? Now, here we step in. Neutrals can be fun and help a place attain a level of design, sophistication, and (yes) comfort that can equal any colour-savvy environment, even without flashing bright or moody jewel tones. Qualities like texture, form, and shape become even more significant with a refined neutral palette, allowing the beauty of each particular piece in a room to have its time. It Enhances the Room’s Texture! A room’s textural features are disregarded frequently for a 3-bhk flat in north Kolkata. This textural design secret is well-known among interior designers: when warm textures like rough-hewn wooden pieces, polished tiles, nubby linens, and brushed velvets are paired with a neutral backdrop, the result is a welcome space. You Never Grow Tired of it! The best characteristic of neutral hues is their comfort; you will never tire of them. Neutral will never go out…

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Perfect Feng Shui Tips and Decorating Inspirations for Prosperity and Harmony

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Feng shui originated in ancient China to harmonize the constructed settings with the natural world. When the areas we live and work, stay in harmony with nature, it creates ideal conditions for prosperity and luck for properties in North Kolkata. The goal of feng shui is to make a person’s life more auspicious by examining the positioning of their home concerning its surroundings and how things are there within it. Feng shui is the art of making the most of our surroundings. Consider a tree as an example. The position of the tree has a significant impact. It won’t do well if it’s in a place where it won’t get adequate light or support. Feng shui is a means of looking at positioning yourself to thrive. Here are a few ways you can work with the environment in your home to bring more success, abundance, and good fortune into your life and in your property in North Kolkata. Locate Wealth Area Stand in the entryway of your home, face inward to find your wealth area. Typically, you will find your wealth area in the far left corner. Adding living green plants is a simple approach to stimulate this area and…

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Biophilic Interior Design Allows You to Embrace Nature in The City’s Heart

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No matter how much we love our cities, we keep on going back to the lap of nature whenever we can afford it. It is our instinct that makes us feel comfortable in greens. The sad part is, with cities constructing, more and more high rises are driving residents further away from nature. If you are staying in a high-rise of the best residential complex in Kolkata, you would understand how important it is for the residents to stay connected with nature. Nowadays, buyers demand contemporary interior designers with new ideas to embrace Biophilic design for apartments. While buying a new space or renovating the existing one in the best flats in North Kolkata, you must embrace Biophilic design and see what wonders it can do. What is Biophilic Design? It is a new concept in the construction sector that helps to increase resident connectivity with the natural environment. Such designs use direct or indirect natural elements to promote a healthy and happy environment inside a space. It incorporates elements like natural lighting, ventilation, landscape features, live plants, and others for creating a Biophilic space. Designers use natural elements like wood, bamboo, or cane for your furniture. Thus, indirectly embracing…

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Embrace Bougainvillea in Your Home Interior Design

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Who does not love creating their garden and decorating it with lovely flowers that will instantly lift your mood? Bougainvillea is one such flower that is extremely trendy nowadays. So, here are some tips that you can take advantage of to embrace bougainvillea in your 2 BHK flat in BT road. Residential apartments in Kolkata sometimes do not have enough space like many other cities to grow a lavish flower garden. However, if you buy a 2 BHK flat in BT Road developed by StarOm Millenia, you will get as much space you would like and have your little garden where flowers like bougainvillea can grow effectively. Although, it is a flower that will also look beautiful in your home interior design. Steps to Grow Bougainvillea Indoors in Your Home So, let’s see the tips we can use to embrace bougainvillea in your home interior design: Bougainvillea requires it to be maintained to keep its shape, but trimming new growth too aggressively will limit bloom colour. The optimum method is to trim in the fall after the growing season has ended so that the plant can blossom from new growth the following season, and you can embrace it entirely in…

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