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Use these Household Ingredients for Your Home Garden

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There are numerous items that we use daily without realizing their potential benefits. You can use several home items for gardening if you buy a new flat in North Kolkata. We present the conventional list of products with their odd gardening application for new projects in North Kolkata. Enjoy! Buttermilk Buttermilk is one of the world’s most nutritious and healthy beverages because of the probiotics you find there. Not many people know that buttermilk can prevent fungal diseases in your garden plants? Spray the buttermilk solution on the foliage to protect young seedlings from catching diseases like damping and powdery mildew. White Vinegar An excellent acid feed is a white vinegar combined with water. Before you begin, test your soil. You don’t want your soil’s pH to be too low. Once a season, mix a tablespoon of white vinegar into a gallon of water to feed your roses and hydrangeas in the new projects in North Kolkata. Bananas Bananas are well-known, but your garden prefers peels. Smoothly drop banana peels into your garden to provide potassium to your plants as they decompose. It strengthens and nourishes your plants. Thus, making them more resistant to pests like aphids. As banana peels…

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Seven Bookcase Hacks for Your Lovely Home

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If the bookshelf you bought at the flea market appears to require repair, you may certainly give it some tender love and care and give it new life. New bookshelf ideas, not new bookshelves, are what you require for your luxury flats in North Kolkata. The best residential complex in Kolkata also needs the best kinds of bookshelf that you can make yourself with just simple hacks. So here are some ideas that you can use to create a bookshelf that you like. Use Some Paints Make a simple bookshelf more appealing by adding a beautiful appliqué before painting or staining. The final appearance will be similar to carving. Finish the bookcase with a faded creamy white after mounting both. Use furniture overlays to provide raised ornamentation to a broader area, such as the bookshelf sides. Forming an Alcove Building a room around a piece of furniture gives it a warm, architectural vibe. Nestle the sofa between two bookcases on the inside corner. Crown molding that runs along the wall, the built-in paintings, moldings, and the deep-blue color walls, will connect the bookcases in your flats in North Kolkata. A Look that Resembles a Pine-Panel Even the most minimalistic interior…

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Tips to Keep Your Home Pest-Free without Artificial Pesticides

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Spiders, cockroaches, termites, and ants cause damage to your home and also transfer diseases. Calling a pest control service is the best approach to discard these pests from your flats on B T Road. But before you hire a pest control company, try these pest control methods and tricks to keep bugs at bay and your flats in North Kolkata clean and disease-free. Let’s have a look at some of the tips that you can use to keep your home free of pests without using any artificial pesticides: Keep a Clean Kitchen Pests thrive in a filthy, wet environment. Keep the kitchen surfaces and drawers clean to avoid pest invasion. Wipe them down with disinfecting cleaner regularly. Furthermore, food particles that remain in the open can also allure insects and make it difficult for you to keep your home pest-free. This pest control strategy will not eliminate your pest infestation, but it will significantly lower the number of pests in your home. Cleaning up after pest control is also crucial to avoid your flats in North Kolkata becoming infested again. Clean Bathroom Most of the advice regarding pest control for apartments often misses out on the aspect of bathroom pest…

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Get Hold of These Crockeries and Let the Guest Discuss Your Panache!

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Crockery is a crucial part of your dining experience and can immensely impact your initial impression on guests in your high-rise apartments in Kolkata. A decent collection of crockery will increase the value and improve the visual appeal of your dining room in the projects on B T Road. You might try earthenware, Bone-China crockery, porcelain, terracotta, glass, or even stoneware if you want to experiment and add some additional elegance to your kitchenware. All of these alternatives are visually appealing and appear to be equally durable. While some may be a little sensitive to handling, you can easily manage them with a bit of caution. Posh Porcelain Dinner Set Design Porcelain crockery has an eye-soothing and elegant appearance. The material is quite durable and non-porous. These dishes are oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe. Dinner sets made of this material include intricate designs that give the dinnerware an opulent appearance. Shimmering Stoneware Stoneware crockery has a shimmering look. Stoneware dining set designs are long-lasting and ideal for everyday usage. These dining sets are inexpensive and, without a doubt, long-lasting. A stoneware dining set will enhance your dining experience. Translucent Bone China Crockery Bone-China crockery is functional, durable, and frequently has…

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Buy Attractive Ceiling Fans and Change the Look of Your Abode!

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A ceiling fan may completely transform the appearance of a room. Because of the relaxation they bring, ceiling fans are an excellent addition to any new projects in north Kolkata. We often overlook ceiling fans, yet they have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your home. The space determines the sort of ceiling fan you require. So, keep that in mind when you buy a flat in north Kolkata. Ceiling fans now come in various designs, colors, patterns, and styles to complement your decor. Furthermore, selecting a ceiling fan that complements your decor is critical. To guarantee optimum air circulation, it’s also crucial to consider the square footage of your area when choosing the size of your ceiling fan. Choose a fan with chrome down rod, canopy, and dark hardwood blades for your living room’s sleek and modern aesthetic. If your ceilings are low, hang your ceiling fan in a semi-flush mount to give yourself more headroom. For a beautiful effect in your bedroom, pair recessed lighting with a contemporary flush mount ceiling fan in a classic finish. The recessed lights will provide pleasant ambient illumination, and the ceiling fan will provide comfort with enhanced circulation, making this a…

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Twist Your Home Decor with White Tiles

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Space is becoming an issue as urban homes become smaller and smaller. White floor tiles are a terrific way to create the appearance of space in your residential complex in north Kolkata. It will reflect light, give it an airy feel, and add elegance. Think again if you consider white floor tiles dull and monotonous. Modern white floor tiles come in various textures, sizes, and color combinations, allowing you to express yourself. You may use them to give your home’s interior design a stylish touch. These house floor tile ideas will add calmness to your flats in North Kolkata while also soothing your soul. White Porcelain Tiles White porcelain floor tiles reflect light brilliantly and illuminate the floor like no other. It is the best choice if you want refinement and elegance in your contemporary house. This set of white gloss floor tiles is ideal for updating the look of your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or hallway. Positively use massive white tile flooring for a smooth, glittering impression. White Marble Tiles White marble floor tiles can give your space a new appeal. They give your house an exquisite look. Though rectangular marble tiles are the most common, hexagonal and square-shaped…

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Home Interior Design Trends For 2022

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Interior design trends for 2022 prove to be Instagram-worthy, and you’ll want to try them in your complex in North Kolkata. This year, design is settling down with long-lasting trends, with a few old and best ones making a competent comeback and timeless classics keeping a stronghold of their ground. With so much diversity, you’ll be able to build a home in your complex in North Kolkata that’s not only on the newest trend but will also stay in style for a long time. Let’s check out some top interior designing trends for 2022 that are bound to make your artistic mind satisfied: Vintage Decor “Old is gold” this phrase is relevant for most things, but especially for design. Interior design trends in 2022 are similar to how fashion trends visit the previous generations now and then, borrowing from the last decades. Antique furnishings aid in home sustainability and provide one’s living space with a distinct personality and individuality. Something that people may desire for luxury complexes, like the BT road projects of Starom Millenia. Vintage furniture, such as old mattresses, rustic dining tables, and an old dresser with stand-alone items such as chairs, sofas, and other accessories such as…

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Horse Painting and its Relevance in Interior Design

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The Vastu Shastra has some laws regarding the placement of the paintings and photographs of seven-horse. Some canvases create beneficial energy for your residential complex in North Kolkata if positioned in the apt direction. Horses, particularly galloping horses, come to mind when we think of artworks that will give a joyful feeling in your flats in North Kolkata. Seven-horse paintings represent success, peace, strength, progress, and wealth. The best approach to attract affirmative energy into your residential complex in North Kolkata is to decorate it with a seven-horse picture. In Vastu, the seven-horse artwork and the sun in the backdrop are immensely beneficial. They are believed to boost optimism in all parts of one’s life as they are a true sign of strength, peace, and stability. Advantages of Keeping Horse Paintings Seven-horse paintings in motion represent the symbol of speed. Hence, hang them on the east wall of your flats in North Kolkata or business, or wherever you want to see development and advancement in your work. A seven-horse artwork in your residential complex in North Kolkata, according to Vastu Shastra, ensures financial and tranquil reliance on your life. Horses are known to symbolize speed and tenacity in Feng Shui. The invention of eight running ponies is intended to…

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