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Use Jamini Roy’s Paintings And Kalighat Pattachitra For Your Home Décor

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Art is an essential component of every home’s décor and design. The art you pick for your walls may be the room’s most visible visual focal point. Art on the wall is a terrific way to give a room charm and character. The right wall art may help you express your individuality and lifestyle. Paintings and wall art may help tie a room together and make it seem more complete. You can decorate your luxury apartments in North Kolkata with Jamini Roy’s Paintings and Kalighat Pattachitra. Jamini Roy was a successful portraitist, often receiving contracts for impressionist-style paintings. Roy was encouraged by the rise of Indian nationalism to forgo Western creative approaches in favor of traditional Bengali folk art and temple décor. His traditional paintings, with a trace of Western culture, would undoubtedly improve the appearance of your luxury apartments in north Kolkata. The Kalighat Pattachitra will also help to give a new look to your Luxury Flats in North Kolkata. The famed Kali temple, established in 1798, inspired the Kalighat paintings, as the name suggests. This school of painting, which began in the late 19th century and lasted until the early 20th century, includes sketches and paintings by painters…

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