5 Illustrious Ways to Decorate Plush Apartment Living Rooms

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apartments in north KolkataMany times, plush apartment rooms look messy and lose their brilliance because of wrong decor ideas. Well, we have come here to tell you how can you not ruin your beautiful apartments in north Kolkata and make it worthwhile, when others can simply stare.


Decor Ideas to Enhance the Aesthetic Quotient

First of all, let the feeling sink in that you have a plush apartment, take a deep breath and go slow. A living room is an important part of the house as it is the face that meets anyone who steps in will glance at. The excitement at times ruins the glam of the house, and so we need to understand how to go slow and finally get a stunning living room. Follow these decor tips to avoid any mistake that eventually leads to destroying the look.


Welcome White Walls:

White walls are always considered to be dull, however, they have a calming effect and soothes the mood. Accede having a white-on-white interior. You can also pair walls with some pastel color furniture to grant an elegant and outspoken look. In that way, little space will feel more polished and larger.


Invest time on weird angles:

Plush apartments generally do not have a conventional look, they might have weird angles, disproportionate walls, and sides. However, with those angles, you can create a masterpiece room. For interior decors, no space is ever small, big or odd to pour creativity. You can use large paintings, goldfish as Feng Shui decor to bring good luck.


Change That Boring Box-Shaped Area:

Every living room in a 3 bhk apartments in north Kolkata has a TV space which keeps on changing with the trend, however, a conventional style always follows in the mind of interior decorators. Its high time we change the area with a unique taste without encountering an expensive affair.


Glam with Gold decorations:

Glamourizing a living room is not a big problem if you can add some gold in it. For example, any oversized couch makes a small area looks extra stuffy, vice- versa. If possible, use some wall decor with golden color, or painting with golden laces, a mirror with a huge golden border, etc.


Use bright colors:

The main living space of the 2 bhk apartments in north Kolkata is an expansive plan, including a luxurious seating space, dining place, and modest kitchen. It is in this cozy public place where the red element will suit most profoundly.


If these ideas are executed in the right manner, then nothing can stop you from presenting a complete aesthetic living room, and guests are sure to give you a pat of appreciation. This new year creates a home like never before. With the five ways you can change the look and glam quotient of apartments in B.T. Road, and the developers are about to handover them to the residents. Looking out from the seating area into the kitchen, the plush apartment starts to evanesce and offers a great look to your new occupancy.

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