5 Tips Behind the Kitchen of Your Dreams

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For families who believe in close-knit kinship, the kitchen is pretty crucial. Here not only food but relationships are put together. Top premium apartments in Kolkata give you a wide array of possibilities to create the perfect kitchen of your dreams. It is also significant to design the kitchen to almost perfection.

It will help in providing the perfect functionality. Here are some tips that will help you build up your dream kitchen.

Determine the Intended Purpose of the Kitchen Area

As the initial step, decide how you want to use your kitchen area. Dedicate it entirely to cooking, or do you want a kitchen space where you can hang out with your family and friends as well? Do you want the store in or out of the kitchen space? Do you want a specific appliance to the left corner, right corner, or in some other position? And there are many more aspects that you would like to decide on depending on how you want your kitchen to function.

Detect the Work Triangle Space

The oven, sink, and refrigerator are considered the work triangle space in any kitchen. Your work related to the kitchen is concentrated in this triangle. When this triangle is well calculated, you can work with lesser effort. The thumb rule for the work triangle is that each side of the triangle must not be lesser than four feet and neither more than 9 feet. That implies neither too small nor too large. The best residential complex in Kolkata ensures that this parameter is met all the time.

Install Smart Storage Solutions

With modern storage solutions, solve all your storage issues in a compact form. You can customize your storage space according to your requirements. You can build pull-out drawers, pull-out shelves, a garage with retract doors. Moreover, the contemporary storage allows you to use modern kitchen cabinets and each corner of your kitchen effectively.

Kitchen Lighting

Yes, the most attractive kitchen has the best modern lighting system that not only looks awesome but is very functional as well. Light up the entire space with the elegant implementation of lights and see the difference. You can go for general lighting or task lighting. Usual lighting is intended for a good source of brightening up the entire space, while task lighting is usually placed under the cabinets to light up the shaded area and look chique.

Choosing Material

Choose quality material that will go with the rest of the house. The material decides on the aesthetic feel of the space and its durability. You can choose between wood, plywood, medium-density fiberboard or MDF, particle boards, PVC boards, or stainless steel for the cabinets. For areas that require more resilience, like the countertop, you can go for marble, granite, quartz, and soapstone.

There are several other ways you can carve out your dream kitchen. But the above stated are the fundamental aspects that you should look after by every residential apartment in Kolkata. Make your wish list, create the dream kitchen you have always wanted and keep your family and guests entertained.

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