5 Tips for Planning Your Winter Home Garden

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Is gardening your favourite hobby? Or do you love greenery around you? Or has this COVID-19 pandemic stirred your inner hidden desires of your hobbies that you were not able to explore during your busy schedule? If your answer is YES to all these questions then you are on the right page. As winter has set in, here we will guide you how to manage your winter home garden successfully and efficiently to grow your favourite plants or flowers in your home garden. Irrespective of the fact that if you are living in apartments in North Kolkata, do not restrain yourself from pursuing your love for gardening. You can even make your balcony as your small garden. And if you have a big garden space then you just need to buckle up for winterizing your garden beds. Follow these tips to get your garden winter ready.

Select What You Need to Plant according to the Season –

This is the first and most important step while you are making your garden ready. Since this is winter season so decide whether you want to decorate your small balcony garden in 2 BHK flat in North Kolkata with beautiful fragrant flowers or you want to build up your own organic garden laced with vegetables. It is very important to plant according to the season otherwise your plantation may go in vain. Because plants also grow as per the weather, season and temperature. So before planting decide what you want in your garden.

Select the Best Spot for Plantation –

Almost all vegetables and flowers need 6-7 hours of sunlight every day. So you need to select a spot in your space which receives the maximum sunlight throughout the day. For example if you want to plant sun flowers in your garden, they won’t grow up in the shady area. They need ample of sunlight through the day to bloom perfectly. If you are thinking of growing tomatoes in your garden, they also need proper sunlight. So once you have decided what you want to plant, next decide the best spot for the plants you have chosen for planting.

Work in Improving the Soil Quality –

If you have a big garden, clear off the soil by getting rid of the weeds on unwanted plants. Then till the soil for better aeration and add organic matter. You can even add a layer of compost, decayed leaves, old manure to make the soil rich and fertile. If you have pots or vases in your 3 BHK flat in North Kolkata you can add organic manure to your pots also and till the soil in it. If the soil is very much old you can even replace the soil for obtaining more fertility. Always remember the more fertile the soil, the better plants you grow.

Start Planting –

Now when you have worked on the soil now it’s time to plant. If you are planting the seeds make sure you read the information on the packet carefully and follow the instructions written on the packet. And if you are buying young plants. Dig small holes in your prepared beds put the plant inside the soil and pat soil into the place around the roots then soak the soil with water.

Water Regularly –

Seedlings should never be allowed to dry out, so water them regularly. Transplants also need regular watering. Keep a check on the weeds or unwanted plants growing around, pull them out and watch your plants grow. Do not over water, too much water can destroy your young plants and seeds.

Nothing can give you more happiness when you see your planted vegetables or flowers growing. With a little care, dedication and effort you can grow what you need. So follow these amazing tips to spread greenery around your home or beauty in your new flat in North Kolkata full with flowers or richness of an organic garden.

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