5 vastu recommended colors for your 2 BHK flat in B.T.Road

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2 BHK flat in B.T.RoadWondering what will be the right color for your bedroom in your 2 BHK flat in B.T. Road? As per a vastu consultant, a bedroom color is one of the vital proponents to lead a happy life in your new flat in North Kolkata. Each color sets a different meaning and has a different effect. Some colors make you feel calm and quiet while others make you thrive with energy.

Read these five color combinations that you can opt for in your 2 BHK flat in B.T. Road to make your home vastu compliant.

Red & Pink!

The color red represents a strong feeling of attraction; a hue that denotes intense desirability for both sexes Red and pink is one of the most romantic shades, and if you are newly married, then you should opt for these colors in your new flat in North Kolkata. According to vastu, these colors bloom a feeling of love and romance amongst couples.


White is a vastu shade for the bedroom if you are looking for something on the cooler side. You can opt for pure white to snowdrift to winter moon. These are cool tones, bring about clarity and brightness to the room. White also signifies freedom and peace and depicts a feeling of positivity.

Go green!

Green is the color of the planet and denotes Mercury and focuses on learning and knowledge. This is the reason why this color is highly recommended for children’s bedrooms in your 2 BHK flat in B.T. Road. Green also has the potential to help residents adjust to the new ambiance and calm down tempers. Hence it is known as the color of healing.

Yellow & gold

Yellow is a happy color and represents positivity and cheerfulness. It signifies intellectuality and optimism. According to vastu, using yellow increases the dexterity of the residents and gives them happy thoughts. This color also boosts the self-esteem of the residents and is mainly advisable for young professionals and students to paint their bedroom with this color.


In your new flat in North Kolkata, you can opt for shades of brown that represent earthy shades. Brown defines stability and secureness for the inhabitants. Paint your bedroom with light and dark shades of brown which promotes a feeling of satisfaction. Therefore, you can always opt for this vastu color in the bedrooms of old people.

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