5 Ways to Combact Clutter in the New Year

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flat in north KolkataFor Kolkatans winter has already set in. The year 2020 has already come to an end with lots of misfortunes and ill luck going around in the world due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. This year has almost come to an end by staying indoors with lots of restrictions and life subdued with laziness. Now a New Year with new hopes is waiting at your doorstep. So, it’s time to buck up your spirit and start giving you’re a new and a fresh look. If you own a 2bhk flat in north Kolkata, must be wondering to clear out old stuffs and would be wishing to look as big as a 3bhk flat in north Kolkata through your artistic creativity. Check out below, here are some of the ways you can declutter your home.

1. Target one area at a time–

never indulge yourself into cleaning your stuffs or full house at a time. You will end up messing everything. So always start out with the small sections of cleaning like closet, drawers, kitchen cupboard. Always take up small sections of your house and remove the unwanted stuffs, otherwise cleaning up a 3bhk flat in north Kolkata in a single day can turn you crazy. Doing so will give you a clarity of what to keep and what to discard.

2. Get rid of your old clothes that you do not want to wear–

It is completely useless to keep your clothes that no longer fits you in and are old and most importantly occupying space in your closet. You can even donate them to the needy or if you feel you need to keep your clothes with you just in case you wear them again. You can pack them in a suitcase and keep them out of your wardrobe.

3. Sort out your files and papers –

This is one of the most important steps in cleaning up your house. Sometimes very important papers are kept and found lying loosely in unimportant and unexpected places. So firstly, you can try out organizing your papers neatly in a file. Secondly try out going digital, by uploading those important papers or documents on your Google drive.

4. Clean up your kitchen–

Kitchen is one of the most important places that need a makeover almost every month. So, once you have planned out to combat clutter, start your mission by cleaning up the containers, jars and the kitchen shelves. Give a check on the utilities kept in the containers. If required replace the old containers with new ones. For a home maker kitchen cleaning comes up as a major challenge. So, once you are done with it you will be done with half of your work.

5. Get rid of the unwanted stuffs and utilities

This point covers the maximum part of your home modification. Here ‘s a list of things you can get rid of:

  • Dirty table clothes
  • Broken ornaments that cannot be fixed
  • Mugs and cups that are broken or have lost their color
  • Piled up newspapers and magazines
  • Old makeup
  • Old useless electronics
  • Broken furniture
  • Unwanted old taps or bathroom fittings

Just imagine if you have purchased a new flat in north Kolkata, it has been one year of your new home. But just because you are unable to manage your stuffs that are making your house look more messy and old. So, try out the above simple hacks that will help to tackle your old stuffs and will your house look new every year by the magic of your organization skill.

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