5 Ways to Refresh Your Home This Winter

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Winters are coming! Its time when you make your home sweet home to impart a cozy and warm look as winters are full of inspiration. This is a season in which people escape from the external chill of the nature and love to cling into their houses to get the warmth and enjoy winter to its fullest. If you live in apartments in North Kolkata, you must be aware that Kolkata does not face severe winters, but still if you wish to give your home a changeover. So why not decorate your home as per the season and give it a refreshing look and a touch of newness for the season ahead. Here are some pro tips that you can try out giving your home a cozy and a warm feel.

  • Add up rugs and carpets

This is one of the easiest ways of bringing the feel of winters in your house. Yes! Play smart with carpets and rugs. They are an excellent way of brightening up the rooms. They carry with them dual benefit of aesthetics and also keep the house and its atmosphere warm. Make sure when you add carpets and rugs try to invest bright colors. This brings more radiance to your home.

  • Add blankets

Create a transition of blankets on your beds and sofas. Add feathery decorative blankets on sofas to give an attractive look to your sofas and rooms. Blankets are the perfect winter accessory so accordingly move them around in your house and decorate your space to create a warm atmosphere. Add on more colorful pillows and cushions on sofas and beds to give your room a fresh look.

  • Lights

Add lamps and lighting spaces to your decor. Lamps add warmth into a room and also give a soothing feel to your eyes. Decorate your space with different colorful light that will make your home look more vibrant and radiant in dull winters. Bright lights energize your atmosphere with positivity and make you active in dull winters.

  • Add flowers and plants

Plants are the most cost-effective ways to decorate and transform your home. Winter is a season known for its plethora of beautiful flowers and home decor plants. Plants are the easiest way to breathe life and freshness into a room in the dull and darker months. New projects in North Kolkata are striving in making a greener environment. So try out planting different plants and flowers and spread greenery everywhere.

  • Black out it

In winter any time of the day you would love to sleep in the dark room that gives a sense of warmness in the room. However in winter sometimes it’s very difficult to trace sun in foggy weather. But when you trace sunlight try maximum sunlight to enter into your room. But by evening pull on the curtains so that your house stays warm.  Try out replacing the decor curtains with the thick ones that give your room a sense of warmness during evening and night times.

Updating your new flat in North Kolkata for winters doesn’t need an excessive or costly investment, all it needs is just some minute changes to your interiors with some very pocket friendly accessories. A few little changes are all you need to refresh your home and welcome the new season.

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