7 Home Maintenance Things You Should Address Immediately

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They say that “Nothing inspires cleanliness more than an unexpected guest.” Well, we would never want our guests to step into a house that is not well maintained. After we are done with getting hold of a property in one of the best residential complexes in Kolkata, we tend to keep on thinking about the interior décor and lag behind in maintenance always. Once an owner is into the new property, s/he will realize how ownership of a home requires time and labor.

Home Maintenance Tips, You Should Never Forget!

Here are some maintenance tips to help you think about once you have started living on your property.

  1. Fix the Leaking Pipes: Nobody would want a leaking pipe inside a premium property. Check if there is any in the kitchen or washrooms. Fix them. Give a call to a plumber if required and save water plus your pipes and the area constantly receiving the moisture.
  2. Check the Fire Extinguisher: This is easy to maintain but essential for home safety. All you have to do is check for the nozzle of the extinguisher. Check whether it is clean with no dust or any other garbage accumulation. Look over for any wear and tear on the body, and it has the correct pressure.
  3. Water the Inverter Batteries: From time-to-time watering, the inverter batteries is an important job, in case your area has too many power cuts. Do not forget to use distilled water to fill the batteries. This will increase their shelf life.
  4. Check for the Drainage System: Check for the sinks, basins, tubs, washing machine outlets, and wherever your drainage system leads you to. Check for accumulation of debris or clog. An easy tip to remove clogging is to put some frozen vinegar into the drain pipes. It will wash it away.
  5. Check for the Exhaust System: Check whether the kitchen chimney is working correctly with an uninterrupted flow of kitchen smoke and check for the gas pipes for any leakage, breaks, or bends. Also, check for any loose ends on the gas pipes. It is necessary for your safety. So, after you buy a flat in North Kolkata, check for it.
  6. Check the Roof Surface: Check if there is any paint chipping out or any other sort of damage to your roof. Remember, a small crack or a hole can cause you immense expenses if not repaired on time.
  7. Check all the Home Appliances: Yes, they are a part of home maintenance. If you want your home to keep on being functional, the functioning of the home appliances is a must. Check the air conditioners, lights, fans, oven, refrigerator, water filter, water heater, and everything that makes your home comfortable to live in.


Do not rest your back, even after buying the property in the best residential complex in Kolkata. Keep on checking for every factor responsible for giving your home the feel of home-like.

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