A Pet Friendly Atmosphere in Your Apartment

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Pets are the best companion for any person. Even pets work as the best therapy to overcome any mental stress. But owning a pet is not that easy. You know why because this is a job of great responsibility and commitment. For a careless person, it is very difficult to do this job with pleasure. Top of all, the owner also needs to prove that the home is secured and comfortable for pets. Even though we all know that the pet can just turn your home just upside-down, but nevertheless, they are just the best supporter at the end of the day.

After purchasing an apartment in the best complex in north Kolkata, we bought our pet here. The 2 BHK Flats in B.T. Road, North Kolkata is so cozy that our pet becomes very comfortable in its own way. We have made the ambiance in our apartment in such a manner that our pet is now unwilling to move out regularly.

Let us share how to create a pet-friendly atmosphere in your apartment:

  • A strict no to all kinds of rugs: 

Commonly, we all use rugs on the floor for decorating our apartment. But if you want to make your home, pet-friendly, then just avoid it. In case, you have a dog or cat in your home, rugs are actually a home of fleas for breeding. An increase in the number of fleas may lead to a danger for our pet.

  • Avoid wooden floor:

Walking with the trend has become a fashion today. But being an owner of a pet you need to avoid a few fashion styles in your house. Well, most pets have a tendency of running on the floor. Whereas the wooden floor is very slippery. They may fall and would be injured. Precaution is always better than cure. So try to avoid this kind of floor.

  • Barricaded staircases: 

It is always better to keep a barricade with grills on the staircase. As small pets have a tendency to roll down from the staircase. In fact, this causes an injury to your pet.

  • Mesh your window and balconies: 

Pets have a tendency of peeping out of the window or balcony. So if your window is open, then it is highly recommended to put a mesh onto it. It is very risky if your apartment is on the top floor, then while peeping your pet may experience a bitter experience.

  • Protection of your home decor: 

Having a pet means your home décor is going to be different. In the case of a sofa set, the hair of your pet is compulsory even if you vacuum clean your home regularly. Thus, it is always better to use washable sofa covers. If you want to keep your home clean and to keep to dining space beautifully, then design a separate toilet area for them and also prepare a cozy sleeping couch for them.

In fact, pets have a tendency to scratch. Just buy a scratching pad for them and save your sofa, curtains, and wires.

Now, creating an awesome and comfortable ambiance for your pet in your apartment is not that tough.

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