An Easy Guide to Décor your Home with Wallpapers

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Wallpaper is essentially decorative paper used to embellish the inside of your home or, more importantly, a piece of paper that can improve the appearance of your home as a whole. It is a quick and effortless technique that instantly transforms your entire house’s appearance. You can wallpaper any room of your choosing. People like to favor it for their living rooms or bedrooms. Rolls of wallpaper are available, and one roll may cover an area of about 50 to 55 square feet. Hence, here is a guide to how you can also use wallpapers to decorate your top residential complex in north Kolkata

The process behind wallpapers in homes

With the aid of glue with high adhesive strength, wallpaper must adhere to the walls. After mounting is complete, neatly cut the edges and smoothen the wall surface. Although it may look like a simple task, it is not. You must carry it out extremely carefully to achieve the best results. Wallpapers can smoothly become weak and come off the wall if the adhesive is not enough and if the formation of air bubbles is noticeable in the gap. Hence, always buy the best quality wallpaper after you buy a flat in north Kolkata. 

However, removing the wallpaper requires specialized instruments, so it is advisable to engage professionals, given that it is not a simple task. Before installing wallpaper, know that moisture and humidity are wallpaper’s worst enemies since they can breed fungus, which shortens the material’s lifespan.

The kinds of wallpapers materials that are available in the market

Vinyl wallpapers

These are the frequently used wallpaper. These wallpapers have a tiny layer of vinyl that provides a glossy appearance and consists of paper or fiber.

Fiberglass wallpapers

The best alternative for damaged walls is fiberglass wallpaper because it has non-toxic elements like dolomite, lime, and soda. They are thin and resistant to fibers.


Natural and artificial fibers are combined to create this sort of wallpaper. It is yet another common material used for wallpaper that you can use in your top residential complex in north Kolkata. These wallpapers are also washable and permit airflow in the walls. But in comparison to other sorts, they are somewhat more expensive.

Metallic wallpapers

Metallic wallpapers have a very dazzling appearance that gives your home’s interior an extra touch of luxury.

Textured wallpapers

Textured wallpapers have a tactile quality that gives the impression of luxury and adds an attractive touch to the interior design of a home.

Striped wallpapers

The diagonal in wallpaper patterns gives a room a feeling of direction and generates movement. Wallpaper with bold vertical stripes or patterns draws the eye and gives a space and a sense of height. When hung horizontally, it provides room for movement and a feeling of direction and makes small spaces appear more massive.

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