Basic Vastu Tips for Choosing a New Dwelling Place

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3 bhk flat in B.T. Road

The Indian architectural science is defined as Vastu Shastra & it is a basic for identification and creating the ideal living space. Vastu compliant apartments along with the plots help inhabitants to lead their life in a happy and systematic manner.

The key reason of the science has a different meaning altogether and that is towards a better pathway of health, prosperity & wealth. This ancient practise has gained utmost popularity in real estate for identification of the best plots and structures for residential along with commercial purposes. Follow the tips below to bring prosperity to your new 3 bhk flat in B.T. Road.

Vastu Tips for Apartment Entrance-

  • While evaluating a design plan or layout of a plot or construction the first consideration needs to be good entrance.
  • The entrance holds key to ushering positivity and happiness for the entire family.
  • Each of the living space has 32 possible locations that generally functions as an entrance of a particular building.
  • Each of the 32 location has its own significance and it affects our life accordingly.
  • As for instance entrance in the south east zone results in delay of payment. A south west entrance will allow you to prosper and gain more money.

Vastu Compliant Room Direction-

The accurate location for a room ensures that you drive maximum advantages from that particular room. Each room will have a positive or a negative effect on the lives of the respective inhabitants of the house depending on the zone in which it is situated.

As for instance a living room in the East Zone is tailored for developing and extending social connections. On the other hand the bedroom that stands between east and south east should remain avoided according to Vastu. Sleeping positions in these positions will increase anxiety and there will be difference between you & your spouse.

The Five Elements- PANCHATTAVA-

A living space is divided in 16 major zones or they are directed in spaces. Each zone will have a corresponding element that generally affects the attributes and aspects of life. As for instance the North zone has water as its main element. The key attribute of this particular zone are all about c career along with monetary gains and so on. Consequently any sort of imbalance will have a direct impact right on career and business.

Vastu Remedies For Apartment-

What if you already have purchased one of the best properties in North Kolkata or have booked an amount? In such a case you can use the fourth check of Vastu space programming. With latest Vastu application along with techniques you can balance the entire elements in a solitary zone. The use of colours and shapes and lights are highly effective in this particular regard.

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