Bookshelf Designs for Your 2 BHK Flat in North Kolkata

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2 BHK flat in North KolkataUnwind your senses after a long stressful day at work in your 2 BHK flat in North Kolkata by grabbing your favorite novel. Rejuvenate your soul and unveil your literary imagination in your creative space. Make your living more interesting by adding quirky or classic bookshelves to your interiors.

Divide & Rule

After buying a flat in B.T. Road, you can utilize this policy of divide and rule to make sections for the different genres of books that you read. This will make your bookshelf look neat and organized. You no longer have to scrabble through the shelves to find a particular book. Organise your books author-wise or genre-wise. Make step-like bookshelves to store books, magazines, and other curios.

Easy to access

Create something unique yet stylish for your 2 BHK flat in North Kolkata. Enhance the outlook of your room by adding multiple layers of bookshelves that you can easily access. Make a section underneath your bed for your favorite novels and storybooks.


Opt for simple, easy on the eye kind of bookshelves if you have few books. Use wrought-iron shelves to organize your books along with your mementos or souvenirs. Place the shelf against an accent wall to create a spell bounding effect in your new apartment.

Open up

Revamp your living space with artistic open wall shelves and line them up with your favorite reads. Place the shelves strategically around your TV unit after buying a flat in B.T. Road and thereby build a stunning interior space and lead a comfortable life.

This is the perfect spot to display your collection and give your home the feel of a mini library. Open bookshelves are incredibly enchanting and would look gorgeous in an apartment, big or small.

Willy Wonka

If you love reading before dozing off to sleep, make an enchanting bedroom décor with wall shelves stacked with books. Choose something edgy and chic to make your 2 BHK flat in North Kolkata look innovative and graceful.

Reader’s Nook

There is nothing attractive to a book lover than a well-kept shelf of books. Create a personalized space for your living room with an armchair right across a big window where you can couch and read your favorite books and rejoice your free hours. Add a pendant light from the ceiling in front of your bookshelves to get a classic look after buying a flat in B.T. Road.

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