How to bring the charm of Bengal into your Flat in North Kolkata?

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Flat in North Kolkata

A native Bengali home in North Kolkata is adorned with charismatic, elegant interiors that are inspired from the Golden days of Tagore. If you have recently purchased a flat in North Kolkata and you are thinking of implementing the old-world charm of Bengal in your interiors then don’t fail to include antique collectibles as your décor.

Make a distinct theme inspired from the lands and meadows of Bengal that reflect tranquility and calmness in lifestyle, culture, and art.  Define your home with wooden artworks, antiques, textiles, musical instruments and many more such elements to bring out the dazzling ambiance in a Bengali’s home.

Wooden furniture

In a typical Bengali house, you will find that there are many wooden types of furniture which are elegantly carved and polished, leaving a dark texture. The interiors of a Bengali home is adorned with wooden sofas, chairs, divans, tables, beds, cabinets and doors made of rosewood or teak that define a class symbolizing the rich artwork of Bengali artists. Embrace wooden furniture in your 2 BHK flat North Kolkata.


Bengal is said to be the paradise for creative and artistic minds. Since the early time of the British Raj period, Bengal has been producing great artists with fine artworks and paintings. The paintings had a prominent resemblance to the mythological characters derived from the Vedic era and portraits of god and goddess. There were also paintings depicting the tales of Ramayan and Mahabharata, which are the two most common folklores in a Bengali home.

An easy chair

When you walk into a Bengali home, try spotting an easy chair either in the balcony, bedroom or study room. You are sure to find one made of wood, cane or rattan.

Antiques and Collectibles

Having said that Bengali’s are the true keepers of tradition, you are sure to find at least one object of the past in a Bengali’s home. Be it a porcelain showpiece, an old watch from their grandparent’s collection or souvenirs from tours across the country and globe.

To bring about a similar appeal in your flat in North Kolkata, adorn your newly purchased home with antique wall clocks, archaic devices like your grandfather’s radio or gramophone, mementos and vintage photo frames bought from an old street market. Fill your place with an old-world charm from the timeless style of Bengal.

Musical Instruments

Music has always been an innate part of a Bengali family. The rich culture of Bengal is laced with Bengali music including Rabindrasangeet, Nazrul Geeti, Bishnupur Gharana and Baul folk songs.

To embrace this quintessential Bengali culture, you can install a sitar, harmonium or a set of tabla at your living space or study room.


Another vital part of a day-to-day Bengali family – books. Bengalis are ardent readers. From young to old, you will find one reading at any time of the day in a small corner of a room that is dedicated to books.

So, to indulge in this spirit, you can surely add some bookshelves in your 2 BHK flat in North Kolkata. Establish an excellent Bengali theme at your new flat in North Kolkata and embrace the quintessential culture of Bengal redefined with gorgeous artwork from a timeless era.

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