Buy or Rent an apartment? What Should you do Post-Pandemic?

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apartment in B. T. Road

Renting apartments have increased since the post-pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has set off reductions throughout the leading rental markets in India. Since the pandemic, the investors and purchasers who have spent on fixed assets, expecting attractive returns, got very much frustrated at the present times. Thus, many people are moving towards rent as they think that times are not good for investment, so they are not getting involved in buying properties.

Apart from all these, there are several other reasons behind buying an apartment or a residential complex in North Kolkata or anywhere else in Kolkata.

Reason to buy properties

Well, even post-pandemic property buying will be the trend in Kolkata because of the following reasons:

Big Names Offering Projects At An Affordable Rate: 

Big names such as StarOm Millenia offering projects in North Kolkata at a rate that an upper-middle family can easily afford. Since nowadays, the home loan interest rates are also in the favor of the middle-class, people can comfortably buy an apartment in Kolkata. It would mean owning a house in Kolkata.

  • There is a chance of price escalation.

Areas such as Rajarhat, New Town, and B. T. Road are developing sites. In the next five to ten years, they will be the cosmopolitan hub. So, you can understand how much value your property will have if you are willing to buy an apartment in B. T. Road now.

  • Suburban Development

As mentioned earlier, locations such as B. T. Road are developing. Now the gap between the suburban and the city is declining. With new development taking place in these areas, new projects are also coming up here. Thus, giving the people a chance to enjoy the suburbs’ calmness and the luxury and convenience of the city.

Is it okay to buy property now?

You may buy a flat in North Kolkata if that is convenient for you. Even though many people fear having it presently, experts say that this is actually the correct time. You can also get a new flat in North Kolkata, which nowadays is many people’s dream You can get exclusive, luxury, and spacious apartments at discount rates and at more discount rates at North Kolkata in these post-pandemic times. However, all said and done, the final decision rest in your hand. If you think renting a flat might be a good option for you and your family then go for it.

However, nothing can match the joy of having your own house in the city of Kolkata. If you are staying in a rented apartment, you are sacrificing your independence to a great extent! A rented apartment has too many clauses, such as timing for you to enter the house, no partying after a specific time. Most significantly, you are given an eviction notice whenever your landlord or lady feels like it. So, why take the risk of getting embarrassed? Getting your own house is not just an investment you make. It actually gives you security because as long as you have a roof above your head.

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