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Community Hall is Vital in every Residential Complex

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High-rise residential buildings are developed to provide homes to a few hundred people. This brings people, from varied backgrounds, religion and culture, together. In a place like Kolkata, it is quite obvious to find Hindus, Muslims, Gujaratis, Sindhis and people from different communities, harmoniously living alongside. As such, modern community halls have become ubiquitous to the architecture of any residential project. The presence of a multi-facility community hall has risen to a newfound level of importance and some of the reasons for such an upward trend are: A place to bond – It so happens that life is hectic and people barely have time to socialize. A community hall right in the premise of where you stay, will give you more reasons to bond with the other residents of the complex. The situations are favorable for making new friends/neighbors. A place for children to play – Children no longer have to travel places to engage in activities. Any one of the residents can take charge of organizing fun activities for the children. Parents, too, do not have to be worried because the children are only round the corner. A place for hosting social functions – For people living in a high-end complex, such…

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