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Get Hold of This Modular Furniture for Your Home

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Design fabricates culture while culture shapes ethics and ethics from the future. So it is essential to decorate your home innovatively and uniquely because home is where our story starts. In this case, furniture is always a piece of art making your home look creative. If you are looking for an apartment on B.T. Road near Kolkata, you can go for real estate developers in Kolkata. They can help you choose the dream apartment for you within your budget. If you are the one who wants to give your home a fresh new look, then modular home furniture will make your accommodation enjoyable. They provide the best design infusions and comfort at economical rates. These modular pieces of furniture do not compromise the space and style of your home. Let’s check out the unique ways to decorate your home with modular furniture. A modular Kitchen with a handle-less breakfast cabinet can make your kitchen look undoubtedly unique. This modular kitchen offers mechanisms like multiple withdrawal units and elevating shutter units to supply enough space for your kitchen requirements and utensils. A modular study area in the bedroom uplifts the effectiveness of your bedroom and offers you a space to accomplish…

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High Rise Apartments in North Kolkata

Get Hold of These Crockeries and Let the Guest Discuss Your Panache!

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Crockery is a crucial part of your dining experience and can immensely impact your initial impression on guests in your high-rise apartments in Kolkata. A decent collection of crockery will increase the value and improve the visual appeal of your dining room in the projects on B T Road. You might try earthenware, Bone-China crockery, porcelain, terracotta, glass, or even stoneware if you want to experiment and add some additional elegance to your kitchenware. All of these alternatives are visually appealing and appear to be equally durable. While some may be a little sensitive to handling, you can easily manage them with a bit of caution. Posh Porcelain Dinner Set Design Porcelain crockery has an eye-soothing and elegant appearance. The material is quite durable and non-porous. These dishes are oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe. Dinner sets made of this material include intricate designs that give the dinnerware an opulent appearance. Shimmering Stoneware Stoneware crockery has a shimmering look. Stoneware dining set designs are long-lasting and ideal for everyday usage. These dining sets are inexpensive and, without a doubt, long-lasting. A stoneware dining set will enhance your dining experience. Translucent Bone China Crockery Bone-China crockery is functional, durable, and frequently has…

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2 and 3 bhk flat in B.T. Road, North Kolkata

StarOm Millenia – Most affordable yet luxurious residential project in BT Road

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In social and civic structures, Kolkata is showing a rapid growth at the moment. From an investment point of view, the city of joy is a wonderful choice. Also, if you are looking for a new home for your family and yourself, this city will certainly not disappoint you. Are you looking for luxurious properties within your budget? StarOm Millenia is definitely worth considering. This property is the brainchild of the StarOm Realty group and they have left no stones unturned to truly lend this residential project a sophisticated and modern-age look. The property is a G+12 high rise project offering 2/3 BHK apartments set amidst lush green, landscaped garden. Living here, you would be able to breathe in pure and fresh air. The additional benefits that you will get are given below: State-of-the art gymnasium equipped with all the equipment that you need to work out and stay in shape. A gym with experience trainers will definitely motivate you to stay fit and healthy! Air-conditioned banquet hall where you can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and all other kinds of occasions and festivals. AC indoor games room where kids, as well as, adults can enjoy playing games all year round, irrespective…

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Buy 2 and 3 BHK flats at affordable prices

Look Before You Leap – CCTV Cameras are a Messiah in Today’s Troubled Times

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What do you read every day in the newspapers? What do you watch on the news channels? News reports from around the world seem troubling, but your home need not be a place where you have to worry. Your home must be a place where you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed to face the challenges of the day. This is the reason why living in a home with round-the-clock CCTV surveillance is a must in today’s time. Complete peace of mind Peace is hard to come by when there are so many troubling thoughts in your mind. But, the moment you enter home, you must feel safe, secure and at total peace. This is exactly what CCTV cameras can provide you with. These cameras help to record the events of the entire day and allow you to stay prepared if anything suspicious is going on. If you live in a flat that provides you with this facility, you must immediately take it up. A sense of security when you enter your own home is extremely important. StarOm Millennia Offers Complete Security to its Residents StarOm Millenia is a brand new residential project located in B.T.Road,…

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Top Schools and Colleges around StarOm Millenia

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North Kolkata is characterized by rapid industrial growth, architectural and infrastructure development and improvement in transportation. Taking advantage of such an opportunistic situation, StarOm group of developers are offering lavish apartments at an affordable price point. The promising high-end residence, StarOm Millenia, might just be the dream home you were looking for. In addition to offering all the modern facilities and living amenities, StarOm Millenia’s convenient location in B.T. Road is a great place for your children to grow up, as well. This is because the area has no dearth of reputed schools, colleges and universities. There are a number of government-aided schools in and around B.T. Road. Some of them are: Dum Dum K K Hindu Academy Dum Dum Kumar Ashutosh Institution for Boys and Girls Prachya High School Sahid Khudiram High School Siksha Niketan High School In addition, you will also find well-known private schools quite close to your residence in StarOm Millenia, which are: Aditya Academy Auxilium Convent School Mary’s Orphanage & Day School Stephen’s School Calcutta Airport English High School Howard Memorial English School Some of the colleges, universities and institutes that you will find here are: Dum Dum Arts College Dum Dum Motijheel Science College…

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Luxurious Lifestyle

Enjoying a Luxurious Lifestyle is Now Affordable – StarOm Millenia

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Kolkata’s boom in the development of high-end apartments is actually helping the city’s affordability. One such promising and ongoing residential project is StarOm Millenia. It is one of the most popular residential projects located in B.T. Road, North Kolkata and is quickly becoming a hot-spot for the who’s who of the city. Enjoy Unparalleled Connectivity Launched in 2016, the high-rise building is conveniently located so that you can have easy access to transportation. With the work of the proposed metro happening in full swing, it will not be long before you can reach your workplace, within a few minutes. Also, weekend getaway places like Dakkhineshwar and Shantiniketan can be reached easily and quickly. A Unique Blend of Convenience and Community The swanky apartments are specifically designed to surround its occupants with every conceivable luxurious indulgence. Among the numerous lifestyle facilities offered are swimming pool, state-of-the-art gymnasium, badminton court, safe play area for kids, spacious community hall for hosting parties and social functions and a breathtaking garden. A Safe Living Environment for Everyone Irrespective of your gender and age, living in StarOm Millenia will make you feel completely safe and secured. The posh residence is under CCTV surveillance, all day and…

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High-Quality Lifestyle In B.T. Road

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The new age world is an all expansive one that makes way for every facility and amenity we need to lead our lives in the best possible manner! The same truth is applicable with real estate and its rapid developments in terms of good projects in Kolkata. Recently, the north of Kolkata has witnessed the influx of the best real estate companies that has been coming up with some of the best projects in B.T. Road that exemplify new age living, swank decor, modern day facilities and the best aesthetics that sets these properties apart from the other generic real estate projects in the city!

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