Colours You Can Apply at Your New 2 BHK Flat That Promotes Mental Prosperity

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2 BHK flat in North Kolkata

As per Vastu, our house is generally divided into multiple directions & sub directions & each of them has a colour that works bests. However, it is almost impossible to abide by all the basic suggestion unless you want a home spruced in numerous hues. Thereby for your new 2BHK flat in North Kolkata, we have bought you the next best thing. A concise list of room colours that are according to Vastu! Read on to learn more about what colour befits the room.

  1. For the living room

According to Vastu, there could be a serene white, cheerful yellow healing green or it can be a soothing blue. Vastu Shastra tips for home reveal that a beige coloured living room can allow feeling calm & relaxed. Tan can also be a greater option. Since the living room is often the very first glimpse individuals get while entering your home.

  1. For The Dining Room

This is a place where you bind the entire family over a meal. Vastu experts suggest the usage of warm colours like peach & light shades of pink & orange. You can also use soothing shades of blue & green that allows the bond in the family to get better at your 2 BHK flat in North Kolkata. Experts recommend not having a white or black colour scheme. These tones generally drive unwanted energies into the room & your family.

  1. For The Kitchen

The reign of Agni, the God of fire needs to be decked in a colour that pays homage to him. So from a palette of orange, saffron, yellow or red can be the ideal choice for you. Experts opine that our kitchens have a hint of red. Even a dinner set in this colour is a great representing option.

Your kitchen room colour should not be very dark and very gloomy. As you start cooking in the kitchen let food imbibe positivity from light & cheerful colour. Keep out colours like dark grey along with black & brown. Experts suggest avoiding blue in the kitchen. It is because blue represents Varun, God of water, but the kitchen needs to pay homage to fire.

  1. For The Master Bedroom

 Vastu for home at your 2 BHK flat in North Kolkata has a variety of colours recommended for the master bedroom. Newly married couples can have light pink or red as the room colour according to the Vastu. The warm & soothing nature of such colours depends primarily on the bond with your partner.  It allows keeping conflicts at bay. If you are looking for a relaxing space we suggest a lighter shade of blue.

Here we have discussed a few key tips & we are sure it is got to help you while selecting your room colours in the future.

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