Compact, Smart Furniture for your 2 BHK flat in B.T. Road

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2 BHK flat in B.T. RoadWith shrinking size of homes, you will have to invest in compact furniture for your 2 BHK flat in B. T. Road. Have you dreamt of having a stylish sofa set with a contemporary coffee table in your living space, but then you realized that you don’t have enough space to fit the dimensions of the furniture? In this age of sky-rocketing prices of properties, many of us are investing in flats with less space which means we have to work harder on our furniture choices.

There are plenty of smart and compact furniture options for your 2 bed flat in B.T. Road. Make your small apartment look stunning with these options listed below.

Get into the fold

Having a versatile folding table can be ultra-effective for a small space. It can be unfolded when you need to have dinner with the members of your family, and on other times you can partly tuck it away against the wall. This will not take up the floor area, and you can easily walk to and fro every day without having to think about the lack of space.

Be a queen

In small flats, having a king-sized bed in the bedroom sometimes is always not possible. You can replace it with a queen-sized bed which is larger than a standard double bed. But even then you will have room to move around easily, and you won’t scrape your knees or toes while climbing down the bed. Choosing this style can make your room look elegant and also take up less space.

Stay armless

In a small 2 BHK flat in B.T. Road, you can consider buying a sofa without any sidearm that will make it look more sleek and narrow and will maximize the look of your living room. This will make your lounging zone more attractive and decrease the footprint occupied by the sofa.

Opt for wall-mounting

Hang lampshades from the wall in your study, dining room or anywhere and spare the floor space. In small bedrooms, wall-mounted lamps can be a great option and can act as a replacement for bedside lamps. This is a good way of keeping the floor free, and you can easily perform floor cleaning.

Shop for storage seat

Invest in pouffes or ottomans as it can be used for multi-tasking. You can use it as a storage unit as well as for seating or relaxation purpose. Ottomans work as a great footstool too, and you can place it beside a window to give a bespoke look to your apartment. These multi-purpose seats are of great use and can be placed in any room. Also, they are easily movable.

Make your two bedroom flat in B.T. Road look spacious by shopping for sleek and compact furniture items. Your flat will look more spacious, and you will get more room to move around.

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