A Crash Course in Color-Blocking for Your 3 BHK flat in B.T. Road

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3 BHK flat in B.T. RoadPainting every wall inside your 3 BHK flat in B.T. Road can make your space look dull and monotonous. Decorate the rooms in your apartment with just not one color but multiple colors. To bring out the artist in you, style up your space with something more exciting and fancy like contrasting colors. Add shades of light and dark to bring out a contrasting tone in your 3 room flat in B.T. Road. Make blocks of colors for a striking effect and create color-blocking in your home.

Check out these color-blocking styles to get some inspiration for your space.

Put your floors to work

For something unique and different from the rest, opt for a multi-colored herringbone floor. The blocks of wood can be dyed with shades of green, red or yellow and this will create a gradated display that pulls the eye from the front to the back of the room.


Interior designers usually suggest keeping the rest of the space in neutral shades. This will allow you to show off the linoleum.

Go for gloss in the kitchen

Decorate your kitchen with wall-hung cabinets and paint them with high-gloss lacquer that will bring out the bright color. Create a random design and position them actually care. For example, align the top of a blue cabinet with the top of a burgundy one, and align the bottom of the blue cabinet with the base of the red one. This will ensure a balance and not make it look chaotic.


Keep the rest of the space in dark colors like jet black that will give a striking and edgy look to the whole set up.

Block with furniture and fabric

Use your furniture to play with colors in your room. You can also use colorful fabrics for color-blocking. Set up a blue fabric sofa set against a fuschia background or paint a block of red in your dining space and place green dining chairs against it to create color-blocking in your 3 BHK flat in B.T. Road dining chairs. These warm tones will make your area look cozy.

Perk up with pastels

Pastel shades are an easy way to help you achieve an exciting combination of colors in your space. Interior designers choose pastel shades for kitchen cabinets in blocks of squares and rectangles that complement each other.  Paint the wall with shades of yellow to highlight the different colors in your cupboards.

Work a muted take in the bedroom

Deck up your 3 room flat in B.T. Road by color-blocking your bedroom. Opt for muted shades in this zone where you take rest and sleep and create innovative textures for a gentle look. Don’t use too bright colors that will be too loud and on the face. Soft textures, pastels, or dark tones are the best options for bedrooms.

Do you like this idea of color-blocking for your apartment? Splash your home with exciting colors and make your life more colorful.

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