Create a Mystified Bathroom with These Easy Tips

Buying a Flat in B.T. Road

Have you got a 3 BHK flat in B.T Road and want to remodel the bathroom? Well, all you need is a clean layout and an uncluttered vibe to associate with modern design. Remember, a simple yet functional design can push your home to modern decor. It can surely mend up the glam quotient and comfort linked to your bathroom.

Once you buy a flat in North Kolkata, you need to make the most significant considerations for remodeling. Below are some of the essential tips to create a mystified bathroom.

Picking the Proper Bathroom Layout

Want to make your bathroom comfortable and luxurious at the same time? Choose the proper layout of contemporary designs and ensure to segregate wet and dry areas in the bathroom. You can use a curtain, a shower screen to give it a special touch. Thus, you can control humidity and keep it clean and free of shabby footprints as well.

Considering the Location of the Shower Carefully

While remodeling makes sure to fix the shower on the wall with the required plumbing facilities. Plumbing, when messed up, can cause seepage or leakage problems later on.

Modern Bathroom Ideas for Tiles

A simple pattern can make your bathroom beautiful. For the bathroom flooring, choose tiles with an anti-skid coating. It helps prevent accidents in the bathroom, especially when you have senior members at home.

Making Use of Corners

Corners can garner space, so forget not to utilize the dead space in your bathroom corners in the best possible way. You can build shelves or stacks to store bathroom essentials.These easy storage ideas will not affect your bathroom renovation cost substantially.

Adding Sufficient Storage

It is not difficult to find an elegant and choicest apartment. Just google ‘top flat near me,’ and the list is there. So, once you buy, it will be your pleasure to opt for stunning interior designs of every nook and cranny, including the bathroom.

You can place an elegant wall or base cabinet. Colorful drawers can add style to your bathroom decoration. A vanity unit with a mirror shutter can save space and ensure continuity as well.

Changing the Sinks or Sanitary Ware

One of the smoothest options to give a modern touch to your bathroom is to replace the washbasin and sanitary ware. Choose from several contemporary options to improve the look. You can use granite stone basins or see-through glass basins as well.

Modern Bathroom Ideas for Lighting

The bathroom is a space to relax when you are taking a bath or having a shower. Glaring lights can spoil your mood for relaxation. You can choose any ambient, task, or accent lighting and create a lovely ambiance.

Planters and Accessories for the Modern Bathroom

You can brighten up your mood or the bathroom space of your 3 BHK flat in B.T Road with some plants. Apart from decoration, it can maintain the environment and humidity of your washroom.

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