Creative Ways to Make Your Home Look Wider And Brighter

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2 bhk apartments in B.T road

When it comes to making your room look bigger and brighter, it needs a lot of introspection. Small, dark and dull rooms can make a house look confining and uncomfortable. If you live in 2 bhk apartments in B.T road and are stuck up and puzzled in improving your room’s interior and if you want to play smart and creative in making your home appear wider and brighter then here are some pro tips that you can follow and convert and transform your home.

Let’s look at the tips to transform your home:

1. Use contrast and light colours

This is one of the simplest way of making your rooms look brighter. Walls with light colours are more reflective and they make spaces look wider. Darker shades tend to absorb light making the rooms look smaller and darker. So if you want your 2bhk flat in B.T road look big and elegant try out soft shade colours like off-whites, blues, light yellows and greens. Also try to paint your wall trims, arches and borders with light colours in comparison with your walls. Always remember that brighter rooms make your space look bigger and more appealing.

2. Add more creative lighting

If your apartments in North Kolkata is prone to natural sunlight then it is cherry on the cake. If not then do not worry you can go creative by introducing attractive lighting fixtures. Small and creative lighting fixtures can work wonders. If you have the access to natural light through large windows, then they automatically make your space look bigger and brighter.

3. Create illusion through mirrors

Mirrors are such a creative room décor that can make your rooms larger and more open. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room look brighter during day and night. Try to go creative with mirrors with golden or silver borders that make your space look more beautiful and add an aesthetic beauty to your space.

4. Clear the clutter

Always remember irrespective of the large space of your rooms if your rooms are unorganized and untidy, clutters make the rooms look messy, congested and small. Follow the rule of minimisation. With things arranged in an orderly manner makes your space look wide and big. If you want your 3 bhk flat in B.T road to look as appealing then follow this rule of minimisation and keep your rooms clutter free.

5. Get creative with furniture

Sometimes choosing the right furniture plays a very important role in making your room look elegant. Always keep in mind tall, heavy and bulky furniture can block spaces of your room. Choose L-shaped sofas or chairs with open arms and exposed legs to create the illusion of bigger spaces. Expandable chairs, swings, dining tables, coffee tables are also a good choice as they can be tucked in away when you do not need them.

So if you have planned to settle down with 2 bedroom flat in B.T roadand want to give your home sweet home an illusionary effect of a 3bhk flat in B.T road then you can follow the above simple tips to make your home look bigger and brighter and there’s nothing wrong in it. It is not always possible to breakdown walls and makes your rooms bigger, rather you can follow the above creative tips to beautify and modernize your dream home.

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