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You must have always dreamt of spending your life in your own beautiful home. Now that you have already got a new home, you are just a few steps behind to convert your dream into a reality.

The flat which you have bought from among the best Real Estate Projects in Kolkata might be pint-sized or even king-sized, does not matter. What really matters is how you plan to decorate or design it to fit into your picture of a dream home. Although even if you are excited, decorating your first apartment might be daunting. Here we have brought some of the most creative ways in which you can style your apartment to make it look your Wonderland.

1. Play with the windows and curtains

Windows are a very special part of a home since they provide warmth, light and ventilation to the apartment. Planning a window treatment properly would help to increase the aesthetic appeal and will also complement the interior of the home. You can choose to get a wooden frame or even go for a French style window to have a classy look. The glass panels might range from clear to glazed glass or even stained-glass panels. You can even add on some potted or hanging plants on either side to beautify your windows.

Choosing the right type of curtains will always make your space appear larger than usual. You can hang them on either side as well, hanging over a cornice from the ceiling to touch the floor creates a height which might make your space look enormous.

2. Colour your way

To get an overall sophisticated look, you must start with a neutral colour and then proceed with mixing of colours. Layers and elegant mix of colours help make your place look airier and more open. You can also put a lamp shade on some of the corners to compliment the décor even better. You can even style it in a way of part neutral colour and part bold colour which depicts an extreme colour contrast and uniqueness. Try keeping the bathroom background on white paint, you can add a little artwork or décor if you want. Otherwise this blank backdrop is perfect to make you feel bright and refreshing. You can although colour the bathroom floor into blue which makes it look more beautiful.

3. Bedroom Makeover

Your bedroom has to be the best out of the rest because it is always going to be your comfort zone and have a very special place in your heart. Accordingly, you need to plan the bedroom. There is no better way to put up some amazing photo frames having pictures of you and your family to keep the memories alive.  You can also hang up fairy lights around the walls to make it prettier. You can also convert the wall above your head into a brick wall, it gives a more aesthetic appeal. You can also attach a headboard to your bed, making it look more elegant and you would never have to rest your back against the wall again. You can also put away unnecessary things to make your room look more spacious. Instead of a footboard, you can attach a simple bench with decorative covers. It’ll help anchor your bed, act as a spot to sit and put shoes on, and serve as storage for extra pillows and blankets.

4. Furniture Revolution

Getting enough furniture for your home is a great decision to enjoy ample seating space for you and your guests. Some wide range of vintage or folding chairs will fit perfectly against the right background. A Lucite table or chair and glass tops can portray openness in your living room. You can even get floating shelves fixed wherever there is space because they look sleek and contemporary and can increase your storage space as well. Also, you can make an interchange of dining chairs with other chairs in your apartment and place them alternatively so as the effect looks intentional. Outdoor furniture made of wicker, wrought iron or aluminium can create a garden, coastal, beach or cottage theme space inside your apartment as well. It is easy to clean and nearly indestructible. You don’t even need to maintain any symmetry for your tables and chairs, you can place your side table in a corner, flanked by two sofas and you can even place some floor cushions by the coffee table.

Here you go with some of the most creative and effective ways to style your new apartment and make it your dream home. May it be a 3BHK or 2BHK Flat in Kolkata, you can get the best out of these suggestions to make your home look beautiful.

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