Distress Furniture Perfect for a Gothic Home Décor

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Planning to do the interiors of your home? Well, why don’t you tweak things a bit? Do the ‘everyday’ aesthetic of beige walls and flat-pack furniture not meet your ideas of what a home should be like in your complex in north Kolkata? Are you envisioning your home as a blank canvas on which you can allow your youthful, visionary side to run wild and create a space that genuinely reflects your personality and character? If your style is more on the gritty urban, worn, and distressed side of the home décor spectrum, the following may be just what you’re looking for to decorate your sweet abode.

Install a feature wall

Installing a grunge-style feature wall in your residential complex in north Kolkata is the single most visible and crucial way to capture the essence of grunge. Thus, distressed home décor will be perfect for a gothic look in your complex in north Kolkata.

You can experiment with the following looks:
Concrete wall with texture:

A concrete feature wall can be one of the most fashionable additions to your home, especially with such a bold and cold appearance.

Plasterboard wall:

The raw plaster wall is what it sounds like, precisely, an unpainted wall with the gorgeous reds and pinks peeking through it.
Apply the plaster evenly as if it is a regular wall or roughly similar to it to add more texture to the look.

Distressed wood paneling:

There’s something about distressed wood wall décor. Something grungy. So, don’t forget to compliment your concrete walls and industrial lighting with varied natural home décor items that meet the general guidelines.

Earthy color palette

These add soft subtle contrast to the dark distressed look. Neutral tones balance out the dark, dangerous colors we often associate with goth. Especially the ones unique and pleasant to the eye are:

  • Textures that are rough and ready
  • Unique and bold designs.

Introduce concrete

Use concrete home accessories like coffee and side tables to complement the gritty feature walls. They’re not only fashionable when paired with a grunge backdrop, but they’re also immensely durable.

Introduce fashionable lighting

You cannot ignore the importance of adequate lighting. After all, well-lighted homes ensure mental well-being while uplifting the room’s aesthetic. Consider the lighting designs below to complement your grunge-inspired home decor.

  • Pendant lights made of rattan
  • Concrete Lighting Metal Lighting

Set the floor right

Stylish flooring sets the tone in any home, so think of that in your residential complex in north Kolkata.

Use a soft carpet underfoot if you prefer comfort above everything else. But that’s not what we’re discussing. To fully capture the grunge home décor trend and its essence, you must consider the below two factors:

  • Flooring made from reclaimed wood
  • Concrete tiles that are too big

These decors are subtle but give a dark gothic vibe to your apartment, perfect for dark academia lovers. So be sure to incorporate these into your home in your complex in north Kolkata.

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