Elegant Ways to Light Up Your Puja Room

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A puja room in Indian homes is the most sacred space – the quiet nook for worship and meditation. However, it’s not so much the rest of the house that designs this prayer room. You can make your puja space a notch in a number of ways – whether it’s a room or a ledge at the wall. One of them is good illumination. It should be well lit, whether your puja room is actually a room or a closet. When you choose between, say, a bell holder or a lamp, you will make the right atmosphere in a room that is no less deserving. If you live in 2 bedroom apartments in B T Road, it is important for the lighting to create warmth and expansion, so it is worth making this effort. Check the various ways in which you can illuminate the puja room in the house, which will make your sacred space quiet and quiet.

However not simply a tube or a bulb in the room must be lighting. Nowadays, there are so many nice options. Let’s look at the best ways to enlighten the room for your spiritual moments to create an ideal environment.

Use focus lights –

Light the entrance with simple twinkle lights or an elegant lampshade if you have a separate puja room. It sets the movement for prayer and a warm welcome. At the entrances hang up a sparkling crystal curtains. This represents the light from inside and looks stunning as you walk in. Opt for soft-focus lights for a warm ambience.

Light up the ceiling by using panel lights –

Affix panel lighting in the room where the deities have been placed. The panels are concealed so that the lamps are not visible. The photographs and pictures will be highlighted. Place a candlestick or a decorative ceiling light to add an element of attraction by casting patterns into the room. Fix a set of unseen LED lights on the false ceiling for a contemporary appeal. You can choose colourful hidden lights for your puja room of your flat in B T Road and give it a classy look.

Use unique and elegant puja candles and lamps –

Place the candles and diyas around the idols, on the racks or on boards to give the space a soft glow. To put your candles, use aesthetic candle holders. Go for decorative glass oil lamp holders or lanterns with oil lamps. Hang out some oil lamps for a typical appeal on the ceiling.

Add cushions or stools for sitting and kneeling –

You may want to sit or kneel comfortably while you pray or meditate in your puja room. A low wooden stool with cushions on top can be added or a few circular or square pillows can be added to sit on.

Choose the size of idols as per your puja room size-

The images must be proportionate to the region in the puja room. A big idol looks good in a large puja room, but in a small one it will look odd. You have idols of various gods and goddesses, but don’t put more than one idol of the same god as Vastu Shastra’s guideline. Ensure all the depictions of idols are in good form and free of cracks or defects.

Modern puja room with glass –

If you want to set up your puja room of your new flat in North Kolkata within the corner of a living room or corridor, then it becomes very important to synchronize the décor as per the modern overall theme of the region. As a consequence, puja room designs are now very popular in glass. It could be used at the puja room door and also on the shelves to organize the idols. Where the backdrop of the glass is used in the room, the coloured glass may also be selected to enhance the area look

Whether you are a Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh or of any religion it is a place which everyone has in their homes. Puja room is a corner in our homes where we find peace and give some time to our almighty. In this era of growing trends in interiors, we all look for something different to decorate each corner of our house and this spiritual corner also requires the same attention. Follow the above easy steps to give your puja room an elegant and traditional touch .In the end, the puja room of your apartment in North Kolkata needs a stunning aspect that makes it unique, like any other room. Explore different options, whether it is a colourful wall, an inlay of a tile or a door puja with bells. Trust good lighting to make your puja room seem spacious and warm!  Select the element that best suits your home size and style wisely. Since a puja room is a sacred space, it should be designed keeping in mind the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

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