Embrace Natural Wood Design in your Home Décor

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In your best 3 BHK flat in B. T Road, North Kolkata, you can decorate your kitchen and living room, floor, and ceiling with the touch of natural wood. You will hardly find any house that is not embellished with wooden things. Things made up of wooden or which have a wooden finish are long-lasting and tenable. You can add wood to your home’s interior in varied ways.

The amalgamation of different woods

You can adorn your best 3bhk flat in B. T Road, North Kolkata, with different types of woods to create the look differently paint the wooden things with different colors. Your ceiling and floor can have a wooden finish which will brighten up the rooms of your flat. If you adorn your dining area with a big wooden table and the wall cabinets also consist of wood, it will give your house a rustic environment.

Add wood to the furniture in your house

It will be a great idea to include wood in your furniture items in your flat. The main reason behind this is wood is sustainable in nature. Wood is also water-resistant. In houses, it is always the best decision to make wooden cupboards. You can say that light in colored things embellishes the light-colored woods for them, and deep-colored things the dark-colored woods. Accordingly, you can use them or can arrange them in contrast. In your bedrooms, you can have wooden wardrobes. Wood is a classic element used in home furniture. Moreover, it is timeless.

Wooden floor

You can furnish the floor of your rooms with wood. There is the variant interior design of woods such as hardwood, engineered wood, reclaimed wood, and many more. If you opt for hardwood, you will have long-lasting floors. Use engineered wood for the best stability. Some wood-finished gives an expensive look.
Giving your bathroom a wooden finish is the best decision because wood is waterproof.

Wooden ceiling

Wood ceilings add an excellent aesthetic look to your house. You can select variant colors on the wood ceilings. Wood is also a good heat insulator, which will be apt for the bedroom. One of the unique colors is the light oak wood which will be quite suitable as a wooden ceiling.

Wooden elements in the kitchen

The food you cook is capable of stealing the heart. So, the abode of such a beauty should be exceptionally excellent. Thus, choosing a rustic theme for your kitchen, you must decorate your kitchen’s interior with wood. You can use old dark wood for your dinner table and light wood for your kitchen cabinets. You must opt for the wood design in a way that gives you a rustic feeling when you have dinner with your family members at the dining table.
Finally, if you wish to separate a place in your premium apartment in North Kolkata but don’t want to build a cement wall, you can definitely use a wood divider.
It will help you form the divider into a cabinet-like structure. Thus, ensuring space to store things.

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