Embrace Positivity with these Poila Baishak Home Décor Ideas

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Poila Baishak is also a celebration concerning the arrival of spring, not merely the Bengali new year. The term ‘Baishak’ refers to the spring season. ‘Poila’ refers to the ‘first’ formal Day of Spring. Springtime is synonymous with ripe crops and pleasant weather. As a result, the house decoration ideas for your high-rise apartments in Kolkata should likewise reflect nature’s mood.

Alpona Design

Your best bet for any event is the traditional art form of the Bengali people, which is making white drawings on the floor. Alpona is a sort of rangoli in which the colors are replaced with a rice paste. The color of a genuine Alpona is bright white. There are drawings of leaves and flowers in a traditional design. This design welcomes all good fortune into your high-rise apartments in Kolkata at the projects on B T Road.

Earthy Pots

Earthen pots are the characteristic feature of rural Bengal and are available in varied styles. ‘Poramati,’ or charred dirt pots, is the name given to these pots. These pots represent Bengali art and culture. These represent genuine works of art.

Desserts are traditionally served in these kinds of pots because the scent of charred soil enhances the flavor of the sweets. When it comes to buying crockery for the Bengali New Year and items for home decor, these clay vessels can be a smart choice for your high-rise apartments in Kolkata.

The Kantha-stitched Embroidery

Kantha stitch is a complicated cross-stitch that has been practiced in Bengal for centuries. Find the thread work in all these items in covers, pillowcases, and table covers. If you have any old Kantha-stitched sarees lying around, you might utilize this beautiful art to make new curtains or cushion coverings for the new year. This home decorating tip intends to provide a unique traditional touch to a festival display for your projects in B T Road. You can utilize a sprinkling of yellow in your house decor because it is ultimately an Indian harvest celebration. This home decorating tip provides that unique traditional touch to a display of the festival. You can use a scattering of spices because it is an Indian harvest celebration.

Add New Furniture

Spruce up your projects in B T Road with some new and exciting furniture. It could be a small coffee table for you and your partner to enjoy some coffee time together, a new bookshelf for your children, or the living room sofa that greets and welcomes your guests in your high-rise apartments in Kolkata.

So here are some home decor ideas to celebrate the Bengali New Year in the best high-rise apartments in Kolkata.

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