Equipping your communities With Smart Home for 2 BHK Flats

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2 BHK Flats

Smart apartment technology in the past was considered to be a luxury! Currently it is a necessity & maximum individuals living in apartments consider smart technologies. Renters these days are expecting these amenities within their home. If the communities of 2 BHK flat in North Kolkata need to go smart, it is a good time to consider adding all these conveniences. Here in this article we will discuss mainly on what these smart apartments are & how they are useful.

What is smart apartment?

A smart apartment interconnects to other devices within the unit. Unlike smart technologies that are used with single family homes have and added layer of complexities for multifamily communities.

  1. Smart apartment technologies are to be tied to a central platform that community managers can control.
  2. The devise allow residents a proper & enhanced living experience while automating aspects of community managers job.
  3. Tasks like that of vacant unit management, package delivery work orders, HVAC monitoring are automated with smart technology.
  4. The most commonly used smart home devices are locks along with thermostats, lights & so on.
  5. The list generally varies depending on the class of the property, budget & demographics of community.
  6. The basic items are already listed above & these devices offer most value for the resident along with community managers.

Even if you do not charge the residents to have smart home for the apartments the advantages are enormous. 84% residents not having smart technology at their units would like to see it deployed across the community.

Are special infrastructure recommended to install smart home for apartments?

Your 2 BHK flat in North Kolkata do not have to be new for having smart homes. Old complexes to can be equipped with smart devices! But you need to take into account of a few considerations. A crucial corner stone for smart home apartment is connectivity.

If you are having robust along with reliable WI-FI system it is easy to support abundant smart devices. Property wide WI-FI network are especially helpful to keep smart technology running. If your building is more than 40 years old you need to have wiring evaluated before making any purchase.

In the 1970’s code requirement changed for multifamily wiring system. 3 BHK flat in North Kolkata constructed before the respective code change may not be sufficiently wired for certain smart devices. If you are in want to commence with more pieces than that of a lock, the thermostat & hub is a great option. But for those who are in eagerness to ease into a smart home for apartment these are safe bets.

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