Essential Tips to Create a Modern Kitchen

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The trend in kitchen design is changing quite rapidly. The kitchen being the heart of any home, it is important to redecorate it to keep up with the changing needs. If you want to add the oh-so-modern touch to your kitchen space, follow the given suggestions.

  • Colors – A fresh coat of color can make a big difference to any space. Contemporary kitchens are all about soothing neutrals or bright contrasting shades. Such lively colors really makes the cooking space come alive and enthuse one to doll out delicious dishes.
  • Create built-in spaces for appliances – Let your countertop breathe! Design separate built-in spaces for your electrical appliances, such as coffee maker, microwave and so on.
  • Glass-fronted cabinets – You do not need to convert all the cabinets into glass-fronted ones. But, even if you add a couple of cabinets with plain glass or colored glass shutters, it will add a light contemporary look to the overall kitchen decor.
  • Open kitchen – If you want to create a modern, space-saving kitchen, you may consider an open kitchen. Not only does it save a lot of space, but it allows the person cooking to chat and cook, at the same time. Such a kitchen design makes for an interactive environment.
  • Pay attention to the floors – Do not overlook the floors thinking that nobody will look at it, anyway. The floors, together with the walls and other decor elements, will help to weave the entire design together. Make sure to choose the flooring tiles in a similar or contrasting color and pattern, with the dominating design element.

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