Everything to Know About Bengali Home Decor

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Home design inspired by a certain area, similar to theme furniture, may provide any home space with a well-defined, and personalized design. This environment speaks of the history, way of life, and art of that particular place. You may have seen beautiful woodwork, textiles, and antiques in some Bengali homes and may have thought of incorporating these features to your home as well. If you are a Bengali artist and antique enthusiast, give your interior space of your flat in North Kolkata a touch of Bengali glitter and dazzle by adding the following decorative facets.

Furniture made from wood-

Most of Bengali’s interiors is lavishly furnished with bulky wooden furniture. Wood, usually dark-polished, is used to build tables, sofa beds, benches, walls, cabinets, columns, beds and sofas in the internal and half-open areas, such as the veranda or the courtyard of the house. While many Bengali homes have wooden furniture made of rosewood and teak, you can use the wood that is native to your area.

Art of Bengali-

The innovative art movement that flourished in the British Raj in the early years of the 20th century had an influence on many artists and enabled them to express themselves openly. Since then, Bengal has produced iconic musicians, and it is fair to say that the majority of Bengalis passionately enjoy all things related to art. Brightly-hued Kalighat paintings have appeared in the Kalighat district of Bengal. Paintings typically portray gods, mythological persons, and other scenes that reflect the nature of daily life. While both traditional and modern paintings can be considered significant in your interiors, folk paintings can permeate every kind of interior directly, if you are settling into your new flat in North Kolkata.

Collector’s pieces and vintage pieces-

As genuine enthusiasts of traditional values, many Bengalis like to decorate their interior spaces with collector’s items and antiques from their ancestors – souvenirs from their journeys and unique displays of their style. To recreate a similar ambience in your 2 BHK flat in B.T Road, North Kolkata with Bengali home designs, thematically show some items such as an old radio, gramophone, mementos, unforgettable keepsakes, and antique outstation travel picture frames. This will not only give your interior a meaningful appeal, but will also encourage you to experience the Bengali lifestyle.

Figures and paintings-

The Dhokra art is a fine example of the glorious heritage of Bengal. In India, these sculptures are conventionally made by casting non-ferrous metal, using the lost-wax process, by the craftsmen of Odisha and West Bengal. You will also see beautiful tribal motifs and figurines, animals and holy deities made in metal and set on console tables and display pieces as part of the home interiors of Odia and Bengali.

Multi-purpose décor-

Bengal furniture designers are the master players in the development of multi-functional, flexible furniture. Imagine that the drawers are maximized and used for other purposes. A coffee table may also act as a kind of footrest. Minimal space interior design is about making and installing multi-functional parts/items. This will help you to build up extra space or storage in your 2 bedroom flat in B.T Road. The goal is not to waste any interior space.

Kantha-Working Textiles-

Kantha is commonly considered to be one of the oldest forms of Indian embroidery. In the past, women lined up their sarees and sewed them in Kantha pattern to make quilts, bed covers, and throws. This style of embroidery is very common in the culture. Revel in the colours that surround your home with Kantha-inspired cushions, duvets, runners, and more. They bring with them a lot of Bengali influence.

Accessories for terracotta-

Ornamental decoration sculptures and home decorations made of terracotta are an intrinsic feature of Bengal-inspired home decor. Vases, wall-hangings, showpieces, terracotta pots, candelabras, and similar objects will channel the distinctive character of the Bengali home designs and add character to your décor of your 2 bedroom apartments in B.T Road.

The use of mirrors-

Mirrors is a perfect way to make the living room seem spacious. They’re not going to struggle to leave an impact. Mirrors are used to make optical tricks and to create a kind of illusion. The light that is mirrored makes your room look bigger and more luxurious than it really is. Where the mirrors are mounted next to the walls, it appears like there’s an extra window in the room. Enchanting and economical, the mirrors are the trump card for the ultimate in small-area construction.

Music instruments-

Bengal music, like Baul, Rabindra Sangeet and so on, is an important part of the rich culture of Bengal. It is funded and studied diligently in most Bengali households. So musical instruments are here to find a prime location. You may also carry in a sitar or a collection of these instruments to enjoy a tinge of Bengali culture. You may as well learn to play them over time, of course.

Books –

Believe it or not, all Bengali are avid readers. Not just the kids but also grandparents and grandmas spend the night reading a decent read. There’s always going to be a nook or a book space in a Bengali house. Therefore, that the bookshelf will definitely contribute to the spirit of Bengali in your house. This works much better if you’re a bookworm.

Long drawn sofas-

Regular sofas are very uncommon in some Bengali houses. They sometimes use long drawn chairs with colourful and fancy cushions on them. You can also add them as a part of décor in your apartments in North Kolkata and enjoy your evening tea with your family.

Bengal is historically considered to be an intelligent class of people. Most of the Bengalis are considered to be very artistic. They also have the prestige of being highly cultured. When it comes to interior design, it has traditionally been found that, while most of them are great lovers of elegance, they tend to keep their homes and interiors plain, simple yet very creative. The above mentioned tips will help you develop and give your 2 bhk flat in North Kolkata home a touch of Bengali culture.

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