False Assumptions about Apartment Dwelling

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ApartmentIt’s important to keep one thing in mind that in most of the metropolitan cities in India, the predominance of apartment-dwelling has witnessed a new hike altogether. There are manifold reasons i.e. space crunch, facilities offered by flats, etc., why most of the metro-citizens are increasingly going bonkers over apartment-dwelling. But, despite such soaring popularity, a legion of citizens is still found to be feeding on a lot of misconceptions about residing in an apartment. Are you too holding back from giving the best residential projects in Kolkata a shot due to certain myths? They must be dispelled at the earliest! But, before taking a stand, you must know the most popular myths about apartment dwelling.

Here they are –

  • Apartments are ‘Un-Social’ –

Among those gazillions of myths that people have about luxury apartments in Kolkata, the most disturbingly grotesque is this one. Most of the residents assume that apartments are away too straight-faced and those who dwell in flats tend to live a very reclusive life. It’s true that most of the apartment-residents live in a nuclear family set-up, but that does not mean they are supposed to cut ties from the world! These days, most of the luxe flats are springing up in a complex, which is more like a miniature society or locality in itself.

  • Crime Rates are High –

Most people presume that apartments leave many rooms for plummeting security and a lot of criminal activities. Well, comparatively, the best residential projects in Kolkata are more protected than the traditional housing projects in the city. The luxury flats are generally encompassed by a number of security measures like CCTV cameras, 24X7 security systems, etc. So, where does this myth come from?

  • Way Too Expensive –

There is an assortment of options when it comes to narrowing down the luxury apartments in Kolkata. If your budget is a bit of a lower side, you can always vouch for something that is packed with the basic residential amenities but affordable at the same time. If you have no qualms over raising your budget, then there are options galore.

  • Not So Sprawling –

There are still legions of people who believe that apartments are not adequately sprawling. It’s a myth! It might be a fact that houses are still a lot more sprawling than a few apartments, but not every flat is like a matchbox! There are many luxury flats in North Kolkata, which are huge and sprinkled with a number of state-of-the-art residential amenities. If you want more space in your abode, then opt for them.

  • Lack of Privacy –

Since the time immemorial, this myth has been making so many people doubt their decisions about purchasing an apartment. These days, most of the luxury flats are constructed in such a manner that they can provide the residents with a quaint yet peaceful experience with no common walls in between different apartments, soundproof windows, and doors, etc. These kinds of personalized aspects will keep your privacy in check.

  • Away from Greenery –

For the umpteenth time, apartments have been referred to as brick-and-mortar residential hubs. For many people, apartment-dwelling is devoid of nature or greenery. This is obnoxious or rather ridiculous! Today, most of the luxury flats in North Kolkata are unfurling their territories away from the madding crowd and at the vicinity of nature. Green-cloaked gardens, park, lake, etc. are becoming the integral parts of the posh apartments in the City of Joy. So, in a nutshell, apartments have no animosity with nature!

Happy reading!

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