Flooring Tips For Kids

flooring tips

When it comes to choosing a flooring to install in the play room of your child, you can be at a loss given the plenty of choices that are available. You will like the flooring to be safe, stunning and easily cleanable. These are 4 of the common types of flooring that you can install in the playroom of your child.

Cork Flooring

It looks very attractive and is also eco-friendly in form, given that trees are not destroyed when their bark is taken. Cork also has some excellent properties, which cannot be attained from any other flooring, given that it can repel insects and does not absorb pollen, dust and other allergens.

Stone Flooring

This type of flooring is for long term, and its durability is unquestionable. You can buy natural stone floor tiles to make an attractive playroom for your kid, and they will like the floor even after they have grown up. Stone flooring is very comfortable when used along with under-floor heating, and can be cleaned easily. If you feel stone floor would be very hard for your kids to play on, set up colorful rugs to give that cushioning effect.

Wood Flooring

These can be found in 3 varied types, laminate, real and engineered. Laminate flooring is the least expensive, although one that is laid poorly can attract a lot of dirt. Engineered flooring has wooden pieces attached together with glue to prepare a plank. Real wood looks very attractive, but is the costliest of the three.

Porcelain Floor Tiles

These look very attractive, and can last for a long time. Such kind of flooring can also be cleaned very easily, and laying some rugs on them makes them safe and cozy. Your kid can freely plan on it without any concerns of dirt or stain building up. So if you have bought a new apartment or buying a flat in B.T. road, take cues from these flooring solutions to jazz up the floors.

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