Gain Peace and Happiness with Vastu Shastra Bedroom Designs

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Are you bothered with sleep disorder? Do you wake up feeling lethargic, even after sleeping for 8-hours? If yes, vastu can help you to eliminate your sleep-related issues. Since one-third part of everyone’s life is spent in the bedroom, it calls for all the more reasons to follow the rules of vastu, when designing the bedroom, to ensure peace, prosperity and health.

The Vastu Guidelines for Designing the Bedroom

The Southwest part of a house represents the element of Earth and it implies heaviness, which is why it is the ideal place for the master bedroom to be located.

In addition to the direction and location of the bedroom, a lot of emphasis should also be paid to the design of the room. The bed should be placed in a way that the headboard is on the East or South. For a blissful married life, the mirror or dressing table should be placed on Northern or Eastern walls. The locker, which is used to keep money, should face the Northern side, to ensure success. In case you have an attached bathroom in your bedroom, make sure that the door of the bathroom does not face the bed.

Whether you are a believer of vastu or not, it is commonly perceived that vastu is the transcendent interpretation of the surrounding and it has the power to influence lives. The principles of vastu help to create harmony between the five elements of the Earth – earth, fire, water, sky and space.

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