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While buying a plot or a flat, you may judge every nook and corner before doing so. Vastu Shastra is a crucial factor that determines the positioning of the house to channel positive energy. It brings prosperity. The best flats in North Kolkata follow the Vastu rules. However, you may feel confused about the wrong notions people have about south-facing flats.

Many people may get cold feet while buying a south-facing flat because of some myths regarding it being inauspicious. However, as per the Vastu, no direction is unlucky or inauspicious. If the position of the rooms follows Vastu rules, you may experience luck and good health in a south-facing house. Here are some Vastu rules for a south-facing flat in North Kolkata:

  1. Position of the front door: For the south-facing houses, it is better to have the front door placed in the center position of the south-facing wall. If the door is more towards the left of the middle point, it’s still good. At the same time, it is a must that the front door is the largest and has an inward opening style. This makes the area welcoming for positive energies and helps to divert the negative ones.
  2. Bedrooms: The New flats in North Kolkata mostly have airy bedrooms, and in south-facing apartments, it is essential to have an airy master bedroom in the southwest. In the case of two bedrooms, you must have another bedroom in the northwest direction to align the positive energy. If the smaller bedrooms are used by kids, you can also locate them in the southern and western parts of your property in North Kolkata.
  3. Kitchens for South-facing Houses: If you want to buy apartments in Kolkata, you must consider the position of the kitchen for Vastu. Though the premium property in North Kolkata must have well-lit rooms, you should prefer positioning your cooking space will get the highest amount of sunlight. Hence, the position of the kitchen in your apartment must influence the cooking place position itself. For example, if you own a flat, which has a kitchen in the southeast part of the house, you must face the east while cooking as in that way you may get maximum sunlight.
  4. Wallpaper Color: The color of an apartment plays a crucial role. It influences the Vastu and also helps in tuning the residents’ emotions. Hence, choosing a color for the top-rated luxury apartments in North Kolkata is very important. For a south-facing house, you can choose light shades of colors which can add a sense of warmth to the place. You may use different shades of red, brown, and orange colors for that. You can also combine color and contrast while painting the walls of your apartment. These colors are auspicious for south-facing houses and can bring good luck. The owner must try to avoid colors like blue and black which creates a sense of dark and shade which may take away that warmth and radiate a gloomy aura. You can also select the home accessories considering the palette and theme of your flats.

So without any hiccups buy your south facing luxurious apartment in Kolkata. Vastu is there to make everything lucky and auspicious.

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